belated camping debrief - part two

Life has been getting in the way of blogging. Mostly that's not a bad thing. There has been a twilight fete, hanging out with friends, reading books, going to work, restoring my sewing area to order. But there has also been shattering tiredness/drowsiness, so much so that I've been going to bed at 9.30 and can't drive (my Dr did admit that taking two lots of medication at full dose might have that effect). Also I pulled my achilles tendon when I was off work sick. Don't know how exactly, but I very first injured it when I was a fit twenty something doing step reebok (I know, hard to imagine but there you have it). I limped and hobbled while we were away, strapping it up and taking painkillers before walking any distance. It was a pain. Anyway last week, the achilles was nearly better but then I wore shoes and walked at a normal pace on the night of the fete and was back to square one. So finally I am going to go and see a physio about it. More appointments. Yep, that has been another thing keeping me busy. Appointments. Yech.
rained out
g and g playing draughts in the tent
Ok, camping. After Corringle Slips we headed to Cape Conran. It was beautiful but wet. So wet that after a day out in the rain and a mysterious wet spot under my mattress (no leak in the roof of the tent and it was dry underneath when we took it down), I suggested we decamp to a cabin. G was keen on sitting the rain out but Grace loved the idea of a cabin. It was a very good move. We were able to dry out all our wet clothes and damp bedding and have a timely hot shower (mid trip and we were starting to get stinky). I also freaked Grace out by getting a tick which G had to remove. I found it hard to leave the cabin, I got to read and relax, so we ended up staying two nights. We had a day sightseeing where everyone cracked the shits at some point and no-one got what they wanted. Which was a bit funny considering the day before when we went out in the pouring rain, ate lunch in the car then went for a walk in our rain coats.
cape conran
After Cape Conran, we started heading home. Deciding that the Princes Hwy is a mind numbingly boring drive, and  you have to drive through endless suburbia to get to the northern suburbs, we decided to go home via Mt Hotham. Bear in mind that we were not sharing the driving. On account of the shitload of drugs I was on. Gerard did not complain at all and indeed I think he quite liked it. We do also have a policy that the driver gets to choose the music and although I put my foot down towards the end of the history of American folk, he enjoyed having control of the usb/cd drive. Perhaps he was afraid I might play Beth Orton. That night, we camped at Victoria Falls, just past Omeo, where we managed to catch the opshop on the only day it opened, just before it closed. Victoria Falls, while not exactly bush, was a great campsite with rubbish toilets (as Grace called them) and tent sites with camp fires, seating and picnic tables. And beautiful sub alpine views.
campsite humour
morning view
The next morning we headed off, having a picnic lunch just past Mount Hotham, before heading down to the opshops of Bright and Myrtleford. As I said in part one, we were going to camp another night but barrelled home along the Hume instead. At one of the roadside stops, G got me to look at the back of his neck. He had a tick too. It was quite good to arrive home, but we are planning some more adventures.
mountain of silver
mountain carpark


librarygirl said...

Great family photos Janet - lovely.

Kel said...

wow, you did the whole south-eastern loop
that shot of Gerard and Grace with the artwork is hilarious, a real keeper
definitely one for the 21st :)

Suse said...

I recognise that Mt Hotham carpark from our camping trip several Easters ago!

Love the campsite humour.

fiveandtwo said...

Have only just read these two terrific camping posts. It was rather good to read of someone else travelling around what I now (after nearly 25 years) consider my stomping ground. Marlo, Cape Conran, Corringle, Omeo and Victoria Falls, Mt Hotham.
That photo of the bleached trees is beautiful and also scary. All those white limbs are dead wood. Dreading the next alpine bushfire.
The up-and-over route is very beautiful. We use it as often as is useful. To go to Albury/Wodonga or Wangaratta over-the-top is quicker - but only in summer. Snow and fog make it impassable in winter. Bendigo is more quickly visited via Melbourne. Points north, unless you're travelling to South Coast NSW (sometimes we do, for a change) is quicker from Bairnsdale via Cann River: Cann Valley and Monaro Highways to Canberra.
Great photos. Umm, what's with the finger?
I reckon G and my hubby would really connect. Next time you must call in, if only for a coffee.

Janet said...

Sue, I found the burnt and silvery wood landscape very moving. Beautiful but also a bit sinister, even if just because I knew it was from those fires. It seemed to cover such a huge amount of the mountain - which I remembered from the news at the time.

I only just noticed the finger - it must be Gerard ding rabbit ears....

Stomper Girl said...

I don't blame Grace, ticks freak me out too.