It seems wrong to launch right into a craft weekend debrief without first pausing to reflect on world events. When we left Melbourne last Friday, the backdrop of news was the escalating unrest in the middle east and the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Both of which are still troubling enough. It wasn't until later that evening that I heard of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Reading the paper on Saturday morning was grim and when I spoke with Gerard on the phone that day, I could hear the news on in the background. It was bad, he said. I went to sleep that night clutching them both in my thoughts. Freshly grateful for what we have.
roses at the table
On Monday night after I returned home, Gerard and Grace went to dinner at a neighbour's house and I unpacked. Afterwards, with the house quiet around me, I read the news online. Caught up. Had a cry. Hard not to really. Better to let it out. Since then I've been trying to balance keeping informed with not feeling overwhelmed. We've talked to Grace about it, just a little, in case she hears about it school. It seems strange that as catastrophe unfolds just across the ocean that we are preparing to go camping. My thoughts have been with those in Japan, those who have lost people near and dear to them, those that have lost their homes, livelihoods and those unable to leave the danger zone. We have also been thinking of the workers trying to control the situation in the nuclear power plants. What a job to have.


fiveandtwo said...

Love the pic. of your Liberty Top, there on the sidebar. Sad to have missed the fruition of that. It is a winner.
You've also encapsulated my thoughts regarding the disaster in Japan. Thanks.

Mary said...

One of the prettiest photos I have ever seen of yours -

And for once the word "surreal" does not seem too cliched to use in relation to Japan...