craft camp

Looking back, even though it was only four days ago, craft camp was a little bubble. An island of relative calm and happiness. No radio, no television. Just the newspaper, and even that was optional. As always, it's blissful to have a break from preparing meals and negotiating family life. To miss my little family and remember how much I love them. To do much as I like and immerse myself in making and the pleasurable company of like minded women. The importance of which cannot be underestimated. I did worry at one point that I might not make this one, but I am so glad that I did (thank you G for driving me there and thank you Suse for driving me home). Sewjourn is truly a tonic for the spirit.
sewjourn, labour day weekend
Despite being on a shitload of drugs (the new ones and the old ones - urgh), I was quite productive and finished most of the projects I took with me. First up were the yoga pants of doom - that pattern has been torn up never to be used again, for some reason the seam sits on the front leg and it took me ages to get them OK enough to wear. After that, a green drapey cardigan which I wore today and love, a pair of black stretch cotton pants - a new pattern which I am pleased with and will re-draft to be long enough and to sit exactly right in the centre back, a black print cotton top which I am quite pleased with and a liberty cotton top which I think is a little big and mu muish but oh well, vanity and size can be interesting bedfellows. I do love the fabric though. Oh, and a floppy eared bunny and half a pink cat for the school fete. There were a few silly mistakes with my sewing but all in all, I think most of it is pretty wearable. Just as well, because my wardrobe was looking a bit tired.

I didn't take as many photos this time and more than a few of the people photos I took were a little on the blurry side. So, we'll just go with rain and roses, shall we? Although you can see Eleanor and her first attempt at a granny square (I knew she'd be crocheting by the end of the weekend, well done Eleanor), Suse, Stomper, Lisa and Kate in the studio, Kate and her green dress, one of Sue's delightful felt kitty cats, Kate's crochet bedspread which is now at scarf stage (she is doing a fabulous job of joining as she goes) Thank you once again to everyone and an especially big thank you to Suse for doing the lion's share of the organisation.


Frogdancer said...

It was lovely. A little spot of calm amidst the vortex of activity and noise that my normal life is made of.

Thanks you two for organising it.

Suse said...

The Liberty top is stunning, not mumu-ish at all I reckon. Also I LOVE that shot of the night sky and studio! Just magic.

Thanks again, co-pilot. I think you're ace.

Stomper Girl said...

I agree with Suse, you look divine in the liberty top. Hope it is bringing foresty calm to the workplace.

Thanks again for being such a super craft-companion, and for organising a great meal roster!