tropical low

Yesterday after the excitement of dropping Grace back at school, I spent the day listening to the radio and trying to alter a pair of black linen pants that I made last year. They were too baggy in the leg and not pleasant to walk in. The radio was full of stories from the aftermath of cyclone Yasi up north. So much destruction. It's good that people evacuated and took shelter but it still sounds absolutely terrifying. And now the recovery, so much work.

 Later in the afternoon, I was taken over by what can best be described as an all engulfing lassitude and lay on my bed, in the humidity, thinking my thoughts. About the cyclone and about other stuff that I really can't talk about here. Should have been making nori rolls, should have been getting ready for dinner at the park.

storm clouds

It rained before dinner at the park and then the wind picked up, the sky darkened and you could smell the smell of rain coming. We dashed back to a neighbours house to shelter under their big veranda. At some point, I succumbed to some sweet, sweet wine with a hint of cumquat to cut the sugar. Breathing out. Music and lightening and thunder and raining so much that it was raining inside, according to the kids.

Cyclone Yasi has been downgraded to a tropical low and somewhere over central Australia, it is merging with weather coming from the west. On the national radar viewer it looks like Australia has a swirling heart of white cloud. As a consequence we've had a lot of rain in Victoria. Again. There has been flash flooding and on the BOM site there seems to be a flood warning for almost every waterway in the state, including our local creek. Everything is damp and squelchy but no serious flooding where we live.

Back to my thoughts. It will all be OK, I hope. It's complicated but needs to be dealt with. I really think it will be OK. I walked home in the rain, water running down all the driveways, my umbrella next to useless, barefoot because my thongs were too slippery. Trying to take photos of the street lights in the rain and the dark. To no avail, but it was kind of fun anyway. It was good to get home and play this song. And this one.

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