thank you

Thank you to everyone who has followed me to my new blog home. I know I moved and then didn't blog for a while. Suddenly after a couple of weeks of writing in "secret", it felt strange to be blogging as normal again. Especially with the state of natural disaster that seems to have overcome our country.

hurry up mum


So yes, I became all self conscious. Then I did a name search and um, well, perhaps my new blog name has some unfortunate connotations. Yikes. Oh well. I'll just have to write it as I meant to. About my somewhat boring (in a totally good way) life as a grey haired, northern suburban mother.


Acton Belle said...

Hello Janet,
I have been lurking around your blog for a few months now and reading it avidly. Life's been super crazy recently for me but during a lull in proceedings I thought I would actually leave a comment and say hello to you.
I'm a Londoner originally but lived in Essendon for a while and came away with very happy memories. My partner Mr B and I are hoping to move back to Australia at some point but until then, your blog helps me to keep my toe dipped in to my little, past life in Melbourne... so thanks!
Hope the thinking's progressing well x

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! and I hear you on the blogging thing. I've been taking a break, and you know the thing I miss most about it besides the lovely people who atop by? The photography. I haven't taken a photo in a month! I think it's time to get back into the swing. ..

Tania said...

Aw, come on. What's a little spicy blog title connotation to keep your readers on their toes?

Kel said...

well, you might get some very interesting new readers here

but you might not be offering the kind of photos they might be looking for ;)

librarygirl said...

Janet, I googled "secret suburban" and if you invite me to a dvd night i'll know what the agenda for the evening is! hilarious.

victoria said...

I really like the new blog name, no matter the suspicious connotations. I always enjoy your version of suburb life.