holding our breath

Lunch in the tea room again, all eyes glued to the telly. Talk of climate change and even the mildly skeptic agree that it might be better to mend our ways. Just in case they are wrong. A disaster expert says that the more often we face a disaster event, the better prepared we will be next time. It seems a harsh way to learn. Queensland is still recovering from the floods and now this. A cyclone, swirl of storm nearly as big as Queensland. Indeed it seems to dwarf Australia. Look.

Pictures of hospital patients being airlifted out. Of people driving away ahead of the storm. People in low lying areas were urged to evacuate. All day it has been stressed all day that this is a life threatening event and that life is more precious than anything. And now the premier is saying that it is too late to leave. Too late to go outside. Some of the Auslan intrepreters are very vigorous in their translations of these warnings. People who are staying in their homes are being advised to shelter in the smallest room. To be self sufficient. Imagine sheltering in the bathroom or toilet as the power goes out, the phones go down and the winds rip. Emergency workers have been instructed to take shelter. Many people are camping out in shopping centres and halls that are cyclone rated.

There is a log here.

Scary times. Just hoping and praying that people manage to stay safe.

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