flowers in the loungeroom

Two new years ago, I resolved to always have flowers in the house. There's something about flowers in a vase that makes a room feel better to me. Indeed, I can ignore a lot of the filth and chaos of family life in a small and still needing work house if there is something pretty or new or interesting to look at.  Most of the time, the flowers or greenery comes from our own garden and I've been planting with a view to this. These cosmos are just starting to flower in the garden. The rain this summer has been good for them, but we've had no success with zinnias this year. And there haven't been many roses from next door either (too much black spot, not enough sun). Other plants I like in a vase are eucalyptus leaves, sheoak leaves, silvery grey conifer branches, red pink and orange geraniums, the leaves and flowers from succulents, artichokes going to seed, fruit tree leaves and/or blossom. There is always something. I try and keep an open mind about the possibilities,

lounge room window with flowers

The shadows on the wall are from the jerusalem artichokes I planted under the window. They will probably be planted somewhere else after we harvest this lot. The flowers from these are lovely too. If a little short lived.

Hmm, can you see that little black box next to the telly. I nearly cropped it out of the photo but honestly it has changed my evenings somewhat and could be why my plans to blog more are not happening yet. It is a telstra t-box, part of the package when we upgraded the amount of internet we have (more usage, lower price - funny how that works). We haven't been shaped for months and that is great. But this little box means we can tape television series and pause shows we want to watch after Grace goes to bed. Current favorites are The Tudors, Big Love, Teachers. And we are watching a few late night movies that we wouldn't have before. I think there are better examples of this sort of thing around than the t-box, but we're enjoying it immensely.

Time to go and pick some more flowers.


Stomper Girl said...

I love Teachers, particularly when Andrew Lincoln was in it. I'm also very fond of Cosmos, lovely in a vase and surprisingly easy to grow.

Janet said...

Oh yes, Andrew Lincoln!!!! It is not quite the same without him, but still pretty watchable, especially when I don't have to forgo sleep.

Suse said...

I was rather in love with Andrew Lincoln in Teachers.

I love that painting on your wall. And the industrial airvent objet d'art nearby.

Kate said...

I am trying to plant to pick, too. But it's slow going - my cosmos are still babies. I have one big sunflower, but don't have the heart to bring it inside. It's bringing me enough joy where it is.

Last night I baked some beetroot. I cut the leaves off and put them in a jar to keep for a salad later. That bit of greenery (and redery) made the whole kitchen nicer to be in. I was struck by how extreme the difference is. Note to self: does not have to be flowers.

MiM said...

beauty photos, I love the reader!