happy new year!

I'm writing this in secret, from my new blog location rather than updating the old typepad blog and then having to move it across. I'm liking this new blog space, all the pictures look sparkly and new somehow. Moving from typepad to blogger is something that I've been meaning to do for ages and rather than make yet another resolution, I decided to crack the shits and do it. And as it might be a while before the new blog is open for business and I have things to record, well I thought I'd just keep going here. Not there. Which may well be gone by the time you read this.

on the train

the big bunny

Today I went back to work after a short break and the cousins went home. As always it was fabulous to see them but what is it with these visits? Someone always seems to get sick. Last visit I ended up in hospital overnight with my gallbladder and  this visit both Betty and Ruby-lee had awful  feverish colds. Poor things. Ruby-lee in particular who moopled out in the pusher on a daytrip to the city. She seemed OK on the way in but by the middle of the day she was spent.


moonlight cinema for the kids

We spent new years's eve at Mim's again and it was truly lovely. Again I think Ruby-lee would have loved it too if she'd been her usual bouncy self. There was lots of jumping on the trampoline, a kid cinema, sparklers, glow sticks and fireworks all around the neighbourhood. Indeed, I think our court might put on a bigger show than docklands. We watched from afar but the new neighbours said it was quite something. Maybe we should have a party next year. I came home with Grace shortly after midnight and there was cars and people and more doof doof than earthcore. But then an hour later, most of the carloads of youngsters had gone, the music was at a reasonable level and the boom boom boys were sweeping the court clean of all the paper from the fireworks.

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Suse said...

Oh! I just found you without even looking! As you know I'm interstate right now but wanted to catch up on a couple of my favourites. Started off at stomper's and clicked on a comment of yours to get to you, and it took me to your profile instead of the old muppinstuff blog.

Love the new look. And name!

Happy new year, xx