blog design update, or I'm going to bore you senseless with the details

It's hot in the study and I'm somewhat sticky and recovering from the after effects of a very pleasant evening last night. Grace also had a sleepover after a latish dinner in the park and is collapsed in front of the television. She won't nap and I've had it with the whinging. So I'm in here fussing and fiddling with the new blog design. I've just undone a couple of nights of work but I'm ever so pleased with myself. I love the new blogger template designs because you can have a nice wide, fixed width blog page and customize the design. I dislike fluid width designs, as I think they look like crap on a big screen and one has to enjoy reading their own blog, right? But the problem with the link bars on the new blogger templates is that you can only link to the pages you generate, not to say pages and external sites. Which is annoying if you want to use it to link to your ravelry profile etc. So I downloaded and applied this template - deleted all my widgets, the flickr html badge, the blog list etc. But I don't like this template as much as I used to - the post column isn't quite wide enough for a picture 640px wide and links in the posts are underlined (which I know is good for accessibility reasons but I prefer to have them bolded and a pixel larger). So I decided that I could live without the links bar. But much to my delight, once I applied the new blogger template over the top, the link bar stayed. Yay! It was worth it after all.


rainy streets

The other issue I have with the new blogger design templates is that you can't have a different link colour in the sidebar and in the post. Or specify that the links in the posts are bold or underlined. Which makes them hard to pick. So I have been mucking about with the febooti color picker to find a shade that I like. In the end I went with a very dark version of the red in the header. The text is actually a very, very dark brown. Although black works for me too. Oh decisions, decisions. I have also been wondering whether I should migrate all my blogs to a different account, to completely let go of the muppinstuff identity. But I think I won't. I can't change my flickr url anyway. Although I will change my username I think. Oooh still so much to do.

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