when the rain stopped

Sorting through my photos from November and as the thunder roars again, I'm reminded of a spell of lovely weather we had then. It stopped raining for a couple of days and the skies were blue. Everything of course, was verdant and green and kind of sparkly. That's one upside to all this rain, when the sun finally reappears the world glitters.

front yard


leanne's garden


more of leanne's garden

I took these photos on the way to pick up Grace from a birthday party. How I love a drop off party. Anyway, it was the day before the election I think. And I stopped to admire one of my favourite garden in the 'hood. It really is gorgeous. All natives and many plants indigenous to our area. The dianella (not sure of the variety) in the middle picture is one I've just started to notice and hopefully some little self seeded ones I got from another neighbour will flourish in my front yard and bush up the very non native irises. The little blue bell  in the last photo is also a favourite of mine. As is the dicondra. Both are found naturally around here and despite being delicate looking plants appear to very hardy. 

Oh goodness, here comes the rain again! Time for bed I think.


suse said...

My garden's actually growing for the first time in five years. New shoots on everything, including the gum trees!
Love your friend's front garden - very inspiring.
ps. am wearing my collette dinigan cardigan today, so thinking fondly of you.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How very considerate of your neighbours to grow such beautiful gardens that you can all admire in passing ! Especially when they include that beautiful shade of blue .