they're here

We went and had dinner with my sister Betty and her family at mum's tonight. Fish and chips. Gosh, how the girls have grown since we saw them in August. Grace was very excited but hesitated and sat on my knee for a few moments. Then they were off. Racing around and being cousins. Grace talks about Ruby-Lee and Maeve and them being her cousins very regularly. More than I'd expected considering that we really don't do a whole heap of phone contact in between visits. Ruby-Lee apparently talks about Grace a lot too. They obviously feel something about their relationship that transcends distance. Which thrills me in a way that's hard to explain.

ruby-lee, nana and grace

I liked catching up too. It feels like the holidays have begun properly now. I've had a little resurgence of Christmas anxiety and I've spent two days cleaning the house. It was pretty dirty and unpleasant. I have this fantasy of a minibus of camp elves arriving with brushes, brooms and magic cleaning potions and totally sparkle cleaning the house while I relax with a coffee and a biscuit, but well that wouldn't get it done so I just got busy. We now have clean, but slightly streaky windows and clean sheets. All the main shelves have been dusted and de cluttered. The child's room has been rescued from the layers of end of term detritus and general slack arsed, let's just clear a pathway to her bed approach to cleaning.Three boxes of magazines and things we no longer need went back to the opshop. Some of the cupboards have been sorted, my sewing area is tidy, spider webs have been knocked down and the front porch hosed out.


I've done a big supermarket shop. The garden could do with some work, there's manure and mulch to spread, weeds to pull and seedlings to thin. However G resowed some lawn a while ago and has been cutting the grass nearly every second day this month and it's the best it's ever been. And we've tidied up the little outside sitting area. So yeah, I think we can call it done. Especially as I do still have some gifts to make and I guess given that it's only two days until the big one. I hadn't planned on leaving it to the last minute so I'd better get cracking with that. And some baking, if you can call making white christmas baking.  And hopefully we'll see the cousins again tomorrow or the day after. Then of course there will be the big, but hopefully fairly relaxed Christmas followed by a boxing day of extreme idleness. In a lovely clean house.


librarygirl said...

Merry Christmas Janet!

patty pinner said...

oh my lord! i LOVE this blog.
(so that you have an idea of who's reading you -- i'm african american, the author of two dessert cookbooks that have recieved national attention, and i appreciate good writing)
patty pinner