spur of the moment kitchen table craft frenzy

This afternoon Grace and I went to a neighbourhood Christmas party in the rain. Grace was a little subdued after an incident with the Christmas tree this morning and a wobbly tooth that's freaking her out (perhaps because of her dental trauma after the scooter accident). When it started to rain a bit, she was keen to go home and on the way we collected some bark from the park and some paperbark from a street tree. All of a sudden it had come to me how I was going to make a tree on the Christmas tree stand G made for me last year.

I made a glorious mess. Met some spiders. Worked with scissors and a knife. Constructed a star out of fabric and beads from the stash, stiffened with one of my favourite craft materials, beer box cardboard. And t-da!

bark tree

We now have three trees on our mantel and the one in the corner. Making the bark tree was great fun. Better than making biscuits for the teacher or cleaning out the plastics cupboard. The biscuits can be made after work one night. I feel much more in the spirit of things now. Christmas shopping and errands day by myself tomorrow. It involves a detailed list and a new bus ride.Strangely, I find that terribly exciting.


librarygirl said...

Janet, that tree is sensational.

victoria said...

Ooh, I love the tree, great combination of bark, beer cardboard and fabric star, so nice.

Di said...

Love the tree Janet!! Sometimes those kinds of projects are the best.