reasons to be cheerful - part one

I'm on holidays! Until the new year! Breathe out. Still a bit tired, but nothing some rest and relaxation won't fix.

My sister and her family are coming home for Christmas. The excitement countdown has begun.

Grace bought home her end of year report on Tuesday. We are so pleased and proud of her. Not only is she reading, writing, speaking and listening at a high level, but she scored an excellent for effort and class behavior. Her other results are great too. She might be one of the youngest in her class but she's certainly right into school.


And talking about reading, how cool is it watching your child grow into an independent reader? One night Gerard is reading The Enchanted Forest aloud to Grace. The next night she reads me a good few paragraphs first. Mostly Gerard reads and Grace and I listen. Oh, and how I'm enjoying going visiting up the Faraway tree again. Except for Dame Slap.

Christmas chalk drawings on the community art wall this morning. How I love that this art wall has become part of the scene.


I'm picking berries from the bushes I planted winter before last. Sure, they are threatening to take over the garden, but I think if I tip prune them and spread some manure around, we might get a couple of punnets every couple of days for a while. Yum.

I am thinking of going to Savers and Rathdowne Remnants tomorrow. Grace might come too.  Just because.
Christmas shopping pretty much done. Lots of easy craft and some cooking left to do. Nothing too hard. Next week should be pretty cruisey.

Gerard brought the calendars home today - oh my. I didn't think I had taken enough calendar worthy pictures this year and I always grumble inside about the cost of getting them printed. But once again, I'm very happy. Love the really simple layout and quality of the Michaels' calendar. This is the fourth year (?) I've done them and they feel a bit like a tradition.

since when did we start saying happy holidays?

Dinner in the park in spite of the weather. Actually a fair bit of time at the neighbour's place with lots of kids waiting for a gap in the weather, but it was good to see the kids in gumboots racing around the park in the long wet green grass. At the edges of the park, the grass is so long in places that the kids could hide in there.

I can hear bats outside. How I love watching them glide and swoop across the sky.

Hear Ian Dury and the Blockheads here.


Tania said...

Dame Washalot is one of my personal favourites.
I, too, think that I have the Christmas shopping nailed. This is unheard of a week before Christmas. Am feeling the need to torture myself at some nasty shopping centre to buy back ups for all the pressies I have surely, SURELY forgotten?

Susan said...

I am looking forward to a relatively serene week-before-Christmas. The pressies are all done. Santa is organised. I need to finalise the food for Christmas Day and devise a menu around leftovers for the days following. I haven't finished the Christmas newsletter of our family doings to send to far flung friends and relatives. I've decided it'll be a New Year greeting instead.
Best wishes to you and yours.