merry, merry and all that

Hi, there's a little moment of calm here while G and Grace have popped up to the shops for some last minute bits and pieces. Finally, I feel a bit organised. After a frenzied dash to norflands yesterday feeling panicky that I didn't have everything and some last minute sewing, the gifts are done. And I think they've all turned out pretty well.

star shadow

christmas elf

So yeah, my anxiety about stuff not being enough probably prompted my dash to the shops, but I'm cutting myself some slack here. I'm a tightarse most of the year and going just a little over my budget is OK. Last night I sat up with a movie and wrapped, so most of that is ready. I'm going to start making dinner soon, it's nearly 11.00am but we're planning on a very early dinner of nori rolls and chicken drummettes tonight, followed by a play in the park. With the cousins! Grace is so excited to be taking the cousins to dinner in the park to see her friends.

Yikes, they're back. OK must go. Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, and all the best to those who aren't. See you all on the other side. xoxJ


Stomper Girl said...

Happy Christmas Janet and to G and Grace too. Hope you have a great day.

Eleanor said...

Merry Christmas dear Janet, to you and your beautiful family.
Can't wait to give you a hug in March!!
Love, Eleanor xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

suse said...

Merry Christmas Janet and family! Hope it was a lovely one.