it never rains

This afternoon, sitting at my desk waiting for something, possibly the computer, I glanced out the window and noticed the sky was grey and there were splatters of raindrop on the footpath and thought oh surprise, it's raining. Again. People were rushing through the street. Or not. Because although it's wet, it's warm, not cold. Which is nice. So is the rain I suppose, although there have been garden casualties. Perhaps I need to let the ground dry out a little before I plant again. Which seems counter intuitive, but I did read that if the soil is too wet, the roots can't breathe or some such.


On the weekend there was an awful lot of rain. Again. And because the ground is already saturated it doesn't take much to flood the creek. I went for a look on Sunday and was remembering how a couple of years ago (2008?) we were so excited when the waterfall started running again. On Sunday it was loud and powerful. The ground was soggy underfoot. It was thrilling. The smell of the brown water reminded me of the creek from my childhood. It's a grand thing to have a creek nearby that you can go and check the weather against.

all the rubbish


The confluence was mighty too. Again, I stopped and stared. And tried not to think about the election result. It hadn't been declared then, but the writing was on the wall, as it was from about 7.30pm on election night. A woman with a baby on her back said she feared what might come down the river. All I could see was rubbish trapped up against the bridge which is sinister enough. It felt very apt to be staring at the flood. To be honest, the election made me feel pretty grumpy. Like I said on Facebook, most people I know vote Labour or Green and I get that. I also get that people vote Liberal, or national Party even, I just don't get this many people voting Liberal. From under my northern suburbs rock, I just didn't see it coming. We've been working pretty hard in the lead up to the election on the high school issue and we had great local press and some good coverage in The Age but this result is a game changer. Oh well, I guess we just keep on going. But I was sad. And then there is Christmas. Over the weekend, I realised that there are some things I need to do that involve negotiation and I woke up with a big knot of tension across my shoulders. But I'm going to crack the shits and get organised. Yes I am.


Kel said...

but it pours!
a busy time in this the silly season
elections just make it more so
i hope that creek is a long way from your backyard!

kate said...

Janet "crack the shits and get organised" is going to be my December mantra!

suse said...

The river down our way is flooding too, up over the footpath and drowning the trees. It's quite an amazing sight and all the old timers are saying they haven't seen it like this in many many years.
I can't believe anyone actually voted Liberal either. I mean, really, who would?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Can't comment on your political system . The Dutch one is so complicated , I can hardly keep up .But I couldn't understand over a million people voting for the wretched anti-Islam party , even though he cloaked it with a Fight Crime add-on .
Meanwhile , when you get organised , I'd be grateful if you could tell me how you did it ! I'd love to get organised too .