christmas shopping

Today I spent all day shopping and running errands and I'm beat, but pleased it's done. Very. All that remains is to take Grace on an expedition to buy a present for Daddy - she's very keen on this, we'll go early and keep it short. I think she likes the bus trip most of all. As do I. Today I went in to town straight after drop off, picked up my glasses, got my hair cut by a young woman who asked me if I was married to my "partner" and seemed genuinely shocked I wasn't, ordered the calendars, picked up some art supplies and some gifts. Then after lunch I caught the bus to Northland, which was a lovely little journey through pockets of Melbourne I haven't really seen before. Norfland was surprisingly unchaotic and I braved toys r us and target to find the last items on my list.

*bourke st mall
It was really a pretty good day to go shopping. Beautiful mild weather, not too many people about and not too much frenzy. Although I did find myself at the end wanting to buy just one more thing. Sometimes when I give myself permission to shop, I start enjoying it and find it hard to stop. But stop I did and that's it for me. The rest is baking and easy sewing. And tonight, as I have already done all my ironing ready for work tomorrow I am just going to sit and knit before going to bed at a reasonable time.

Oh, and the haircut, it's a bit strange. I have heathen hair. Obviously..


victoria said...

I like the hair. I like the kickiness.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh gawd, I need to do the list and brave the shop. Before school ends in 3 days. Yikes.