christmas day 2010

We arose at a leisurely seven o'clock and ate breakfast together in the kitchen before adjourning to the lounge for presents. This seems to have become a tradition, even Grace accepts that we have breakfast before presents. Everyone seemed pleased with their loot. Grace got a big box of lego, a heart shaped box set covered in sparkles, dvds galore and sundry pieces of tat from father christmas. The bindis in particular were a big hit. Along with the girlie books of stickers he must have got from the $2 shop near Preston market.

gerard and grace doing the presents on christmas morning

I gave G a cool rock book that he has already read (damn) and Grace and I got cd/dvd that wasn't the one he really wanted because that one isn't out on dvd yet except as a zillion cd/dvd box set for more than I thought was reasonable. Maybe I should have, but oh well. I on the other hand totally scored with one of the books that I have been looking at wistfully but probably wouldn't buy myself. Very exciting. Did you know that according to this book, all eucalyptus indigenous to the Melbourne area have cream to white flowers? Except that another book I have on loan, plants of the Merri Merri says that the variety I have planted can have pink flowers. Hmm, a thought that was with me all day and prompted a few discussions about planting indigenous gardens and whether it was tokenistic, futile or a good thing to do in a latte sipping way. Or indeed a plant based form of racism. We obviously over think things a bit, my family.


Before heading to my dad's for lunch G did a load of washing and I dipped some peppermint flavoured sugar in chocolate and we gathered up yet more loot and loaded up the car. On the way I couldn't help noticing all the agapanthas in flower in the dividing strip in Heidleberg. All I could think was weeds, pretty weeds. Sadly there are plants I like to grow in the garden that are also classed as weeds, so not a great thing to be thinking about when trying to be merry.

nina and dad at front door

Luckily it was very jolly at dad's. We mingled and snacked on all sorts of tasty things before feasting on ham and chicken (our family doesn't really like turkey) with vegetables and gravy followed by mum's pudding with spicy brandy sauce and lashings of cream. Yum. Yum. Then there was presents and once again the children scored. It was less crazy than last year and the toys have been much enjoyed. Grace loves her Barbie with the horse and her flipper set, or as she calls them, the duck feet . There was lots of sugar around and lots of excited children who crashed and ended up on the big cream couch watching telly.

gerard and cam

By the time we got home, Grace was asleep in the car covered in chocolate. She'd had a ham sandwich before we left so there was no need for dinner.  It was awesome having my sister Betty, Cam and the girls around. Felt like a much more natural Christmas to me. It was also awesome having Dad and Nina host Christmas and pretty much do everything. Thanks heaps!


Next year it would be nice to: Get the shopping, cleaning and making completed before the week before Christmas so there was more time for visiting, baking and gentle domesticity, have a list of gifts worked out earlier so I don't panic at the end, loosen up a bit and realise that there will always be enough. Our needs are pretty simple really and I should avoid getting love and care confused with stuff.

Other great things about Christmas this year: Christmas eve in the park with neighbours and guitars in the slowing light, having all the presents wrapped and ready to go before Christmas eve, Boxing day. How I love boxing day. I spent the whole day in my pyjamas playing with Grace's lego. Excellent.

How was your Christmas? I have loved reading and peeking into some other family Christmases this year. So thank you for that.


librarygirl said...

Great photos.
We don't do the dry old turkey either - a bit over rated IMO.
The bindis look very cute on Grace!

Fiona said...

Hi Janet, I think that golden flowering tree you posted a photo of might be a Grevillea Robusta or Silky Oak. Madly huge and robust but native.
Happy New Year, Thanks again for another year of sharing your life with is, it's wonderful.
Fiona Claire

mim said...

lovely photo, yay for family visiting xxx