just ten things

Because I haven't blogged in a while. From Felicity.

I like to bite off more than I can chew and then procrastinate about doing it. Urgh.

Cherries. Cherries are my favourite fruit. Even more than peaches, mangoes or raspberries. Grace finds this hard to believe - she can't choose. We've been making decadent tropical fruit salad a lot for Monday night dessert. With mango, passion fuit and pineapple. And blueberries. Yum. I love how Grace goes wild for passion fruit. I think we'll plant one over the shed.

Oh and other food related things that are good now - grilled artichokes, asparagus and caramel ice-cream with bananas and cherries.

grilled artichokes

Oh lord, it's wonder I'm not as big as a house. Oh wait, I am pretty big. So, whatever. Bite me.

My recent eye test revealed that I really can't read the fine print anymore. Apparently crafters are amongst the first to turn up at the optometrists. While I wait for my new occupational glasses, I'm using the cheapies from the chemist when I fixing mistakes in my knitting and it feels like I am in an arty photo with a very shallow depth of field.

Hate how cynical this election has made me. The high school in Coburg issue has caused me to look closer at things like state education funding than ever before. I'm just not sure I can vote Labour any more and besides having nothing to offer me, the Liberals just make my skin crawl. Looks like I might have turned Green. Not sure how I feel about that. Suspect I might need to write about how I feel about political identity at some point. Maybe after the election.

Ebay is my new secret vice. Awesome canvas tent, soft footbed birks that are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn, even if the top is birkiflor rather than leather (serves me right I should read product descriptions better) and maybe a party dress for Grace (bummer, missed out - but 50 bucks is too much for a second hand dress even if it did have sequins, butterflies and elephants).

Driving makes me unbelievably tense and anxious. So much so that I avoid doing some things because it involves a driving on a freeway or roads I am unfamiliar with (luckily I can cope with the Tullamarine - there is only one point that makes me sweat). Apart from the fact it would make aspects of my life somewhat inconvenient, I could easily become one of those people who doesn't drive. Must get over that one methinks.

the light that night was lovely

I really, really love knitting. More than I expected I would. Long boring bits of knitting. It seems to do something very pleasant to my brain. Kind of like what birkenstocks do for my feet after a day in other shoes.This is interesting to me, because it is as much about the process as the result and as a consequence, I don't mind ripping if I decide to do something different.

Just the other day, it came to me that I could plant fancy dianellas amongst the irisis in the front yard. Sort of like Monet meets the bush. I think I would like that.


suse said...

Dianellas are one of the few things that grow successfully here.
Those artichokes look amazing. Did you put anything on them before grilling? (eg oil, or grated cheese etc?)

Janet said...

Suse the artichokes are very easy. I just take all the inedible bits off (actually that bit is tedious) and then toss in some lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Then eat with pepper and more salt. Will do a recipe soon!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Love the sound of those artichokes!
And as for your finding knitting so relaxing .... it's how I feel about tiny quilt making . Very soothing just to stitch and stitch ... and stitch .