have you seen my unicorn?

Am wading through photos of craft weekend just past - half re-living the delight of hanging out with the funniest group of introverts I know, and half being a bit miffed that it's a good five months until the next one. Luckily most of those months will be summer, which in itself is something to look forward to. Unless it's stinking hot and dry. But I have a feeling we are going to have another wet green summer. 


Work is crazy busy. Big new office. After four weeks and three desk moves am just starting to feel like part of the furniture. But it's great, at the end of the day, I can do desk to couch in 30 minutes if I put my mind to it. By foot. Are you impressed with that? I am. OK dog tired, off to knit before early bed. Another big (non work) day tomorrow. Craft weekend pictures and post tomorrow or the day after.


  1. oh this unicorn poster resonates deeply this morning, thanx for sharing it
    desk to couch in 30 minutes is might impressive, on foot even more so
    sounds like you have a little country lifestyle in the city...

  2. ps. thank heavens for introverts

  3. Last seen standing by a giant wooden ark. Snort.

  4. maybe we could do a crafternoon between now and march?? last weekend was such fun seems a shame to wait 5 months to get together :)