the funniest introverts I know

Weekend before last (oh look, I am so behind in my blogging - sigh) was the last craft weekend for the year. And what can I say? I've loved hanging with all the women who've come to our craft weekends this year. We've talked and laughed and made stuff. There's been great food made and eaten, wine drunk, underarm hair compared, much knitting by the fire and far too many late nights. Which I have finally learnt to balance with a sleep in next morning. And despite the sometimes intense nature of a craft weekend, it's been pretty introvert friendly. In a funny outgoing sort of way. I think convivial is the word I would use.

cup weekend craft holiday

This weekend I made some soft toys, sewed a couple of t-shirts I had cut out, made a knitting bag, cut out some yoga pants and more t-shirts and began a knitting project. I always start of with this huge list but it really is much more fun if I relax. And I don't make mistakes. I'm liking my new black t-shirt (the other one has long sleeves and has been stashed for next winter) and Grace and her friend seem to love their girlie bunnies. And, despite being too busy to be a good blogger, I feel quite refreshed and re-vitalised by the whole experience.

So thank you to all those who came with us to Sewjourn this weekend and indeed, to all you lovely women who've come to a craft retreat this year. It's been awesome. Let's do it again shall we?


suse said...

Hooray for The Tribe. And thank YOU!

librarygirl said...

Sewjourn in September was one of the best times in my year. Thank you and Suse for inviting me, hope I get asked again!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh yes, sign me up for the next round! Providing you're still accepting non-introverts?