no, you're mr poo-poo!

At the last craft camp, I spent some time in the bookshop* looking for a book for Grace. She's been very diligent about reading her reader every night and a while ago reached the one hundred readers mark. It's a pretty big milestone for her and I wanted to buy her a book she could read herself, for pleasure. But I have to say, I was pretty unimpressed by a lot of the books at her level on offer. We already have quite a few Dr Seuss beginner books which she loves and I thought there would be more other choices with simple vocabulary and layout that were fun to read.** Perhaps something with fairies, sparkles and poo?*** As it turns out, we can ditch fairies and sparkles. Library Girl sent us this....

the story of the little mole

the funniest book ever

but luckily it wasn't a cow poo

Getting a parcel in the post was pretty exciting in itself. Grace liked the other two books, but the book about the mole whose head got pooed on, well it's the funniest book I've ever read mummy. Much hilarity has accompanied the reading of this book and I'm being urged to take it school to read to her class. It is exactly right for a five year old beginner reader who is somewhat obsessed by poo. Thanks Librarygirl

* as opposed to the ops-hop which is where I find a lot of our books.
** I did get a Frog, Duck, Pig and Hare book on Librarygirl's recommendation and that is great too. Especially since it features a flood which was somewhat topical at the time. Also the new Bob Graham which we are reading together.
*** too many books about things like brushing teeth or other messages. Not fun. Reading for pleasure is really, really important I think.


  1. Yes , this poo book is a huge success at the playgroup and one of the mothers even made us a little poo-decorated mole to go with it !
    But I'm very taken with your idea for a book starring fairies , sparkles and poo . I'm sure it would be a sellout .

  2. Ah yes, that book was a big hit at our house too. Have a look at some of the Alison Lester books, Grace might enjoy them. Also the "Hairy Maclary" series. Bob Graham is a winner. Our chooks always have the names from his book "Queenie The Bantam" - Hatty, Tessa, Molly...and Queenie of course.

  3. Oh. I too was going to suggest Alison Lester. Gorgeous gorgeous books. Babette Cole is also fabulous.... and very very funny. Actually once you discover a quality bookshop and Library (especially a helpful Librarian) there is a wonderful world of books for your Grace.

  4. Those school readers can be a real turn off. We rebel and read our own. At the moment Poppy is launching into Roald Dahl, they really are so clever and well written.