men, mohair and rose the kangaroo

Gerard often brings funny things home from the school. Old things that have ended up in the dumpster, old things that could do well at a school fete. We've had books, a seriously vintage black board ruler, unused scrap books and someone else we know has a dead cute wall clock. I like this picture of men.


We also have the letter "D". Love the plain stylishness of it. Also shown is Rose, the wonky kangaroo who I whipped up at craft camp with much swearing. Her tail was not nearly as easy as I would have thought. But she was well received by Grace so I think there will be a few of these toys made for the present box. I'm not sure whether I thought this up myself or picked the idea up somewhere from the soup of the internet or a mix of both but I think it's a great way to use up all those tea towels and table cloths with animals on them. And there's my knitting. The beginning stages of the epic mohair rug from the reclaimed jumper. I would have knit tonight but I have a sore finger from stumbling round in the dark looking at the place where the small shed used to be. It bled so much I needed four bandaids. Ouch. Grace said she would cry and I said that grown ups tend to cry when they are sad rather than when they hurt themselves. And she said, like when you had the baby that died. Indeed. Enough already. But the box has been opened. We are probably going to be talking about the baby that died a lot for the next couple of weeks. Sigh. I would rather not but anyway. Moving on.

men, rose the kangaroo, the rug in progress and I think I'd like another cup of coffee please

The knitting is going fabulously. It's much bigger now than what you see above and nearly covers my lap as I knit. Much too big to carry around with me. However the border is showing some wonk. Perhaps I should have been counting the stitches. Never mind, it will be very soft and snuggly. And quite big. I will keep going until I run out of wool I think. Not sure about the random stripes, perhaps they aren't random enough. Or maybe I could have thought of a pattern. I like the idea of lots of stripes, transitioning to not very many stripes. Maybe next blanket. 


There is wattle out everywhere. When we finally plant the native bed we have been preparing, I must put some wattle in. I love wattle, it makes me think of late winter and spring and going cross country skiing when I was younger.

Have much more to blog about - we received a poo book in the mail (thanks librarygirl!) last week which has caused much hilarity - so must share that with you. Oh, and the crumble recipe is coming too. Soon. Poo and crumble. Not together, but soon. I promise.


victoria said...

I'm in love with the middle photo of treasures. So impressed by Rose the kangaroo, best idea!!

Kel said...

what a clever way to use up those daggy old picture tea-towels
if only i could sew!!!!

Alby Mangroves said...

"...Sigh. I would rather not but anyway. Moving on." I thought this comment was unintentionally poignant. You're right. You're all moving on, and Grace is too. Them's big news for a little girl to digest. She will be respectful of it in time, I think. Rose is actually really cool! I had trouble visualising her when you were actually sewing, but now that I see the finished product, I really like her! Glad Grace does too x Gerard is like Slinky Malinki, dragging home random treasures :)

Susan said...

Rose the Kangaroo is terrific!
After Tallis died Linsey would ask questions (Giles was only 18 months old), she once pointed her finger at me and said, "Stop crying". I had to smile then!
She's still bossy.