the tree, she came down

I know, I should possibly be outside enjoying the Queensland sunshine but I've got some uninterrupted quality  time so I might catch up on some blog posts and ravelrying. Just so I can get straight into the Queensland photos when I get home.

Anyway, a fortnight ago Gerard chopped the big old plum tree in our back yard down. He quite liked the tree and would have been inclined to keep it, had it not been so obviously dead and full of rot. It was also looking like it might start to drop limbs. I'm delighted. I've wanted to get rid of this tree for ages.

gerard ponders the tree

We now had lots of kindling and wood in the yard. And a perfect opportunity for a stump burning.

gerard and eamon

gerard does love a fire


Complete with expected and unexpected guests, marshmallows, home delivered pizza, and children running around in fairy dresses. Much to my concern. If we have a big solstice bonfire, I think we'll have to ban fairy dresses. Too flammable. The weekend after that we had another stump burning just the three of us. With corn chips, guacamole and other snacky things. Oh, and more marshmallows. There's enough stump left for a couple more before summer is upon us.

OK. Time for some vitamin D and knitting.


suse said...

I thought the same thing - all that nylon tulle floating about. Scary.
It's bloody freezing here, so go and soak some more sunshine into your bones to strengthen you for your return.

Michelle said...

That is an awesome stump burning! I'd try that with my latest dead-tree stump but, um, it's a little too close to the wood fence!]
Have a great time in Qld defrosting!