winter blue

Most of the decidous trees are completely bare. Except for the apple in the front yard which seems to lost none and the quince which has a few quivering yellow leaves hanging from the top branches. The season seems to have turned though. Even if mornings are is still cold, it is no longer dark when I leave work at night and although it is well and truly dark when I get home, somehow the commute is less grim. Maybe it's that short extra patch of daylight boosting my mood. And watching the sunset from the train.

winter blue

I like the blue skies too. Winter blue seems to have a shimmeriness to it. Almost as though it's a little bit more transparent - less certain of itself as a colour. And the trees - we are beginning to see buds and new growth. This is from a week or so ago. And last Thursday when I was coming back from town, the outline of the elm trees in Royal Parade was quite lovely. It won't be long until we start to see blossom. Winter feels like it has gone quite quickly this year. Almost too quickly. Who knows, maybe I will decide that summer sucks, what with getting bugs in your eyes and all the other trials of the heat and start looking forward to winter instead?


mary said...

You have truly captured winter - in your words and photo.
And it does seem to have gone superfast this year.

Kel said...

summer does suck - winter rules!
especially when one has central heating :)

Stomper Girl said...

I was shivering in the schoolyard this morning and watching the kids pretend to skate on the frosty ground, so I'm not saying winter is over AT ALL. WE just got ourselves some nice winter sunshine is all.

Penni said...
According to this indigenous seasonal calendar Melbourne is in pre-spring (mid July to August). Since discovering this calendar I've found it to be much more accurate in describing Melbourne's seasonal weather than the imported notion of four seasons.
I am very aware of this particular transition out here - the wattles are blooming (along with the foreigner jonquils) and as the sun warms, the echidnas begin to emerge again. I love this time of year, far more than summer now (though I used to be a summer girl, bushfires kinda wrecked that for me).
It is icy in the mornings (I thought my hands were going to freeze to the steering wheel this morning), but the winter sun more than compensates. said...

Beautiful photos Janet!!! I agree about the winter blue - I think I almost love the sunny winter days more that any others.
Thanks for your lovely pictures.