tony thinks the new heating was installed just for him

A few weeks ago, I came out into the kitchen one morning and there was Tony, sitting up on the kitchen table right under the heating vent watching the sun come up. From his posture and concentration, it looked like he was enjoying it very much. The other thing he really likes is to lie on the table under the vent and let the hot air ruffle his fur. I've learnt that when it's cold, rather than turn the temperature up, it's much more effective to just turn the fan speed up. Tony approves of this greatly.

tony on the table

Oh, how I love having central heating. It has totally changed the way I feel about winter in this house. Washing dries within a day if I hang it on the shower rail or on a clothes horse. There aren't any damp corners and I don't have to wear a hat to bed. I even decided that one doona is probably enough. Tony has also discovered that there is a spot on our bed under a heating vent, so at night there is this little patch of extra warmth. Yep, the heating was a good decision.


Frogdancer said...

Life is SO much nicer when you're warm!
(My dogs sleep around the vent under the dining room table, or the pets all lie close to the vent that comes out from under a cupboard.)

suse said...

Our cats used to lie on top of the floor vents in our own house, and completely block them up.
I'm sick of winters without central heating. Time to move house again.

Stomper Girl said...

Sounds blissy. We don't have it but I've never had to wear a hat to bed I must say. Definitely sleep with 2 doonas though and this winter I've needed to switch the electric blanket on at about 4am so that I'm warm up enough to sleep through that morning freezy time. Brrr.
I do love how good kitties are at finding the heat source.

Elizabeth said...

Awww, Tony looks very pleased :)
My cats also approve of heating.

Kel said...

a cat called Tony!
and what a clever cat he is
my cat Minnie has her cushion in front of the woodheater and quite happily snoozes there all day and night
central heating is a must in Melbourne
we're only a few hours away but its milder and we built our house to maximise solar gain in winter, so it's mostly very warm without any heating other than the woodburner at night

victoria said...

I know, isn't it wonderful. I love that photo of Tony, his softness, he looks very patable. My boys go into the bathroom at about 6:30 every morning and fight over sitting on the heating vent in the there. It's like the modern version of huddling round a stove or something.

Lea said...

I love cats, they are so smart.
And you know I love Tony, so handsome to boot!