today was not a good day for public transport

So I'm eating my breakfast this morning and listening to 774. As middle aged people on their way to work do. Oh, the electricity has gone out at Southern Cross station and nothing is going through the loop and trains in the northern suburbs are running an hour behind. Oh, great. I think for a moment about whether I could have the car today and drive, but if it's as big a disaster as they are saying, well the traffic will be shit. So I decide to keep rushing for the bus and just wing it. The news seems better as I dash out the door but when I get to the station, it's deserted and there is an announcement that the next train is 40 minutes away. I ring work, hop on a bus and a tram, then another tram, and arrive only half an hour late. Some of my colleagues who drove are much later than me. It is too busy to be smug.

waiting for the train

train goes by

I get caught on a complex enquiry at closing time and although I'm rushing, it takes the time it does. So I'm late leaving.  Just in time for the tram that gets me to the train that gets me to the 6.30 bus. Not too bad. I ring Gerard. Five minutes later we are just about to go under the bridge near Newmarket station and a truck turning left takes the overhead power cables with it. The tram driver evacuates everyone off the tram and we watch in horror as the truck driver keeps driving for what seems like ages and there is sparking cable everywhere. No-one was hurt but there is live electric power line everywhere and cars drive under it without seeming to care. The tram driver and a passenger try to stop the traffic but no one pays them any attention. Once the police and fire arrive everything is cordoned off. I ring G and let him know that I probably will be late after all. It is the second time in one day that these particular power lines have been bought down by a truck. Actually, it does seem to happen quite a bit. Or the trucks run into the bridge. Anyway. So I watch at the scene for a while, unable to decide the best way home. I decide to go to Newmarket station and catch a train to North Melbourne and then out again, but that train is delayed and I decide that if I walk fast I can make it to the other station to get the train in time for the 7.00pm bus. The train, luckily is not delayed. I make the 7.00pm bus and there is a very big full moon as we turn into Bell street. Very beautiful. But not a good day for public transport. I am very pleased to arrive home.


Kel said...

oh man what a day
brings back memories of my melb commuting years
dont' miss that part of city living :)
makes for a long 'work day'

Kate said...

The moon WAS beautiful, wasn't it? It was all fat and heavy in the sky this morning as I was out watering my lemon tree.
Now I feel bad for being so cranky that my usually reliable bus was a half hour late. I was even more cranky about it because, if I get the earliest possible bus I can, I am beginning to get home in the half light, rather than the pitch black, and I have time to frantically run around outside pulling up weeds for ten minutes. Very exciting.

Marg said...

I am so glad that I only had to deal with the commuter problems in the morning. My trip home was on time, and the train was virtually empty.

kate said...

I swear, having lived very near that bridge for the first 30 years of my life, that that bridge has a curse. There's always something going wrong around it (or into it, the Australia Post truck that hit it and caught fire was my "favourite" of the bridge accidents).

suse said...

Oh yes that bridge is notorious! We used to become quite blase. Oh look, another semi trailer who ignored all the low bridge signs and is now stuck fast. Yawn.
What a shitty day you had.

Janet said...

oh actually, it wasn't that bad a day - all things considered. Today someone collapsed while I was serving them and we had to call an ambulance. They were OK but it was pretty full on. What a strange old work week it has been.