quick school holiday wrap up

I know school has been back for nearly a week now, but this seems to be the first time I've a little patch of time to sit down and record something. And I'm in a hurry because it's "down load night" - the night when G goes wild and crazy and downloads as much music as possible, maxing out our broadband usage before it's reset overnight. We started this strategy after the week we ended up on dial up speed. How did we ever manage before broadband?


erin and grace at the museum

Anyway the holidays. Grace seemed to have a lovely time. Three days at Nana's eating biscuits in front of the telly and having picnics in the park. A day with me going on the bus to the pool. The next day involved a playdate at our house with a friend from school and her mum - and I even tidied up a bit. The day after, another excursion by bus to Norfland to see Toy Story 3 which I loved more than I could have imagined. Grace was pretty impressed too. Then we had a day off and then I had to go to work. Thinking well ahead, I had booked a flex day and so had an extra day off last week. So we went to the museum with a friend from school and her mum. Next time we'll go early enough to get a park in the car park. It was chaotic but fun. For some reason I liked the rain forest bit the best this time. There was rubbish in it, which made it look very authentic in a sad way, but it smelt nice all the same. I did have a disturbing thought about the rain forest exhibit in the museum being the most nature we saw all week but then someone needed to go to the toilet and my thoughts moved on. 

grace on the way to norfland to see toy story 3

hotel for dogs, under construction

I can't remember the rest of the holidays after that but we did do some craft and built a hotel for dogs out of sticky tape and cardboard boxes. A huge success. And the hotel for dogs was carted to school for show and tell this morning. There was some playing in the park and stuff like that too. G has started playing a lot of board games with Grace - so there have been snakes and ladders, ludo and draughts on the go. Oh yeah, and a fair bit of telly watching. Including a couple of occasions where we let her watch as much as she liked. It's a relief to see that Grace is well able to turn it off herself.

Me, I found it very intense. Much of the time I wasn't working, G was and so in between washing my socks and the usual business of living, I made an effort to do fun school holiday things with Grace. I'm glad we did because it was fun - but definitely two weeks of it was enough. We'll need a less frenetic approach to the long holidays I think. Anyway, it was fun to see all the kids at assembly this morning, they all seem to have their bounce back. 


Frogdancer said...

Ahhh... nature....
It's overrated...
Seems like Grace had a lovely school holidays.

suse said...

We had a relatively quiet holidays this time and all the kids were ready to go back to school after lots of soccer, sleeping, eating, chess and Monopoly. And Toy Story 3.
We've been shaped to dial up speed with two weeks of our month to go! I guess the fact that I watched the movie of Far From the Madding Crowd in installments on YouTube had something to do with it. Ahem.
Glad Grace had good hols!

Stomper Girl said...

I hate it when we get shaped. And then my provider just offered me a deal to upgrade to much bigger limits and faster broadband and I thought I was clicking the "check it out" button but it was actually an automatic "sign-me-up" button and looky there! I didn't ring up and cancel...
We also went to the museum which I love but early starts are the best, it gets very feral after midday.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That sounds like her dream holiday ! Well done !
Grace has demonstrated that I must have stripey red and pink tights and definitely must have a pink sheepskin coat . A red hat would be cool too . Trendsetter !
But I'll wait to see the new Shrek , not really being a Toy Story fan .

victoria said...

I love the photo of the hotel for dogs, just saved it to show my kids tomorrow. They will be inspired.
I let mine watch many hours and hours of tv on the holidays. It's true, they do seem to be able to decide to turn it off on their own, not like two or three year olds, I like that.