life in the house of snot snots

It is officially winter and just to make sure we don't forget that little fact, everyone in the house is or has been sick. Indeed it seems as though half of Melbourne is afflicted. Most of Grace's class have had this cold and many of the parents are suffering too. There's also a nasty gastro doing the rounds, but luckily for us it skipped our house. I was the last to succumb to the cold but just can't quite seem to completely throw it off. But I am over it, well and truly over it. I stocked up on vitamins for the whole family the other day, mine taste unpleasantly of garlic and Grace's are like lollies. I also resorted to cold and flu tablets during the day, with some unpleasant accompanying jitteriness but it was better than having my nose drip and my face itch so badly I wanted to scratch it off. Oh, and there has been some hardcore night time benadryl for the night cough. This stuff knocks me out and I have to admit, that was a plus for a couple of nights. Yesterday, I almost felt totally well though, and I attribute that to the ingestion of a jar of very tart lemon curd made by my mum. Over several nights. Yum yum. Unfortunately the cough came back today but I am trying to ignore it. Because I have better things to do than drip and sneeze.

foggy morning

At least it is lovely and warm inside the house. I do rather enjoy our new central heating. Yes, I do. I can even sit out at the computer at night without being swathed in blankets and having a pitiful column heater next to me. Gosh.

A week or so ago, I started my first piece of knitting from a pattern (Very Cherry - Ravelry link here). And I've done some maths and extended the size and adjusted for gauge. Gerard had to give me a formula for that - but otherwise I'm quite proud of myself. But it took ages to get my circle of rib happening. It kept turning into moss stitch and I don't yet have the ability to read my knitting until it's a few rows down and very obvious. Mum gave me some pointers on the weekend and showed me how to fix my mistakes without unravelling the whole thing and starting again. Which much to my surprise, I was easily able to do! The knitting is now starting to progress and I am nearly ready to begin shaping the armhole. Mum also helped me decipher the next bit of the pattern and I might have to rewrite it in a way that makes more sense to me. But luckily this weekend I will be hanging out with some serious knitters, so if I can tear myself away from my myriad of sewing projects I have just packed, perhaps I will even get to the next stage.

Thank you for all the bra comments. Unfortunately, the bra I did buy ended up being the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn. So I can't bring myself to wear it. And it is bumpy under t-shirts. Ick. I think I might save up and travel across town to a specialty shop and see if I can do better. Maybe here. Why is something so common, so difficult to do? Urgh.

Ok, that's it for me - I need some sleep. Sewjourn tomorrow. Oh yes.  


librarygirl said...

Janet, I recently went to Dickorydock in Camberwell. I bought a bra that was altered by a seamstress there while I waited! Fabulous service/fitters etc. Not cheap but I'm never going anywhere else

Kel said...

i remember when we put central heating in our house in melbourne - oh what luckshoory :)
hopefully it helps you all get over the colds quicker
bummer about the online bra purchase not being a winner :(
sounds like a trip to camberwell might be in order

Frogdancer said...

Wasn't craft camp fun!
You made me laugh so much!! And thanks again for the help with machine sewing the binding on my quilt.