crarf camp - queen's birthday 2010

Gosh it was good. As I said somewhere over on Kate's blog, when you get a whole lot of awesome women together, well that's alot of awesome and it's bound to be well... awesome.  Seriously though, it was. I look back at the pictures and they bring back the happy. It was productive too - I tackled the bag of sewing projects leftover from last winter - you know the ones abandoned because they were covered in cat hair and failure. So now I have a casual woollen hoodie to wear for school pickups - since we got the central heating and can now wear normal clothes inside, I've been thinking it would be a good idea to finish it. It's OK and will probably get years of wear until the right fabric appears to make a new improved version. Also finished a skirt remake that was so easy and turned out really well; warm comfortable and not unstylish. Indeed I'm wearing it now. On the spur of the moment and because my wide legged pyjama like pants were giving me the shits, I made some light green pyjama pants with sexy black lace trim. I also did the odd spot of mending, made two long sleeve black t-shirts for me, a purple hoodie with pink trim for Grace (which she likes except that I forgot to put the heart on the pocket - bad mummy) and nearly finished a peasant top that was the remaining item from the pile of shame. Oh, and not to mention some pretty average doll's clothes and a fair amount of knitting - which I think will be a post in itself. All in all a good result. 

crarf camp - queen's birthday 2010

But as always, the best thing was getting away with a group of like minded women. To take photos in the frosty dawn - go here, it's my favourite. To cook and be cooked for, to sit around and knit at night by the fire, to stay up late at night in the studio talking crazy talk and swearing over the whir of the sewing machines. I love how stuff goes around, how a bit of my red fabric ended up in Magda's quilt, how one Kate had the right elastic for my jacket, coming home with some yarn magazines (thanks Sue) the talk of quilting techniques and sessions at the sticky board. Learning that there are ways to stuff up a lemon tart and it being absolutely OK (too long in the oven over an electric element caused it to boil and although it tasted very nice, the texture wasn't perfect).  Meeting new crafty people, being busy and inspired (I really want to make one of these rugs like Jenny's). Saying that we want to be doing this when we are seventy and plus. Feeling that somehow, the more things change, the more the best things stay the same.

Thank you also to Gerard and Grace for driving me up (that was a whole adventure on it's own - Grace loved seeing where mummy has her craft weekend and didn't want to leave - not that I can blame her) and thanks to Suse for being organiser in chief and for driving me home again. Sometimes, not driving takes a weekend to a whole new level of relaxation for me and I really appreciate it. Yes, it really was totally ace. Thank you everyone.


Stomper Girl said...

I really do hope we still do it when we're little old ladies. And you were awesome for clearing out the Backlog of Shame, when you so clearly wanted to do something newnewnew.
As for the lemon tart thing, no-one seemed to mind that my toffee sauce for the date pud was crystalline (because I kept leaving the all-important stirring to have my go at Pictionary)- I think we are all so grateful to be cooked for and also we'd all probably had quite a lot of wine by dessert time.

Kel said...

sounds like fun
what a shame i can't sew to save myself :)

suse said...

Your mosaic is lovely. Almost as lovely as the sexy pj pants!
Thank YOU for being my partner in organising.

Frogdancer said...

"... covered in car hair and failure..."
Love it!

Kat said...

Oh you have to tell me where you went... and when the next one is. Unless it's privileged info of course.

Janet said...

Kat, definitely not privileged info - we go to Sewjourn It's lovely.

Jan said...

Well done for clearing out the 'bag of shame' - that must be such a great feeling. And here's to 70+++