this and that, mostly pretty happy

Life is whizzing past at a frantic pace right now. Not in a bad way - just in a hard to find much still time for blogging kind of way.

Yesterday we signed on the dotted line to have gas ducted heating installed. Yes, that's right five star, energy efficient GAS DUCTED HEATING. I have never lived in a house that is warm all over in winter (well except for a few short times when I moved back with my parents after they installed central heating - we certainly didn't have central heating growing up). It means cracking into the renovation stash but we decided that this is worth it. Hopefully we'll be all toasty within a week or so. No more wearing beanies to bed in the middle of winter. Just too exciting.

I've been working pretty hard on our campaign to get a high school in Coburg. Who knew that using email marketing software would be so challenging? But I have it up and running and we've sent out our first email. Did you know that people who use email marketing software can tell whether you've opened the email or not? Or that the code includes such things as a merge tag and that you can't use flash or html widgets. Apparently email code has to be written like it's 1998? The program does it for me but well, it's been a steep learning curve. Anyway the campaign is gathering momentum - we were on Stateline and I suspect the pace will just keep increasing until the election. I'll let you know when I've added the email sign up form to the website but in the meantime you can join us on Facebook here

Grace is reading! I know! I never expected it to happen this quickly and actually I had very little hand in it - Gerard helps her the most with her readers but in the space of a week she went from guessing and being read to - then to sounding out - then to actually reading. Blows me away. And she's finally riding a bike and I think the trainer wheels could come off any day.

Which reminds me - I rode a bike that Gerard fixed up for me the other day. It's been many, many years and it felt very strange at first. Grace was very encouraging as I tottered around the court, yelling you can do it mummy and then oh mum, you're a great bike rider!   

This led to the first family bike outing. Sure to be one of many. Grace is very keen and I've been told I need to up my exercise level as part of a strategy to reduce my cholesterol which is no longer in the totally healthy range. Mind you, when I asked the doctor exactly what the raised level of cholesterol meant he said increased risk of heart attack and stroke and of course I asked by how much. So he looked at the chart with my other factors and as it turns out, I'm still in the low risk range. But apparently as I get older that may change.So I've made a few changes like substituting buttery toast for muesli or porridge most mornings and increasing my activity level a bit. As my doctor said, more exercise, less butter. It's feels quite good really.

Oh and another thing -  I have new shoes. Kumfs mary janes and they delight me. I've even started wearing tights again - probably the last time I wore tights was in the early 90s. I still hate putting them on in the morning but I found some lovely ones that fit well and are comfortable all day (razzamatazz curves for those who care) and also, excitement of excitement, I've found a footless tight that is fantastic - Basque plus size from Myer. I had thought that this year was going to be another dud hosiery year and a couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of boot season, I had bought some footless tights from entitled only to discover that they are actually a legging. I have since sent them back complaining that leggings are not hosiery and that therefore they shouldn't advertise them as tights - but I don't think they are going to give me my money back unlike dream diva who were fantastic when some t-shirts turned out to viscose rather than the cotton elastene they advertised. But the Basque footless tights, excellent. 

And one last thing, over the last six months, we've been doing some work together as a family, with some help from Mind, a group working with people who have mental illnesses (I saw an ad in the local paper). It was totally free. They came to us, there was almost no paperwork. And it has been great. At times it was hard work, but rather than hashing out why and how you piss each other off, the course focuses a lot on the positive aspects of your relationships and gets you to work on how you talk to each other. Some of it seems really obvious but it is surprisingly effective. And the benefits have rippled through our life. I feel so proud of us. 

Alright, that is it for me tonight. We've had our broadband slowed - again. At least this time we're close to the end of the month. We'd planned on a couple of big download days to get value for money from our plan but it only took half a day for Gerard to download enough music to completely max out our usage. So I guess I won't be on the internet much tomorrow - dial up is just so last century. Maybe time for some craft? 


Stomper Girl said...

Yay for Grace! And family bike rides. I love that she was so encouraging of you.

mary said...

The photo of the flowers and pomegranates (?persimmons, apples) must be earmarked for next year's calendar - divine.
I am going to hit the link for Mind - probably victorian but I shall check it out anyway.
Loved all the tights recommendations !
And love you!

Laura said...

It all sounds REALLY good, a warm house, an encouraging and positive family and great tights!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Welcome to the growing world of butter-free cycling !! It's all the rage , these days .
I love porridge so am happy and the virtuous glow almost makes up for the lack of buttery scones .
The Mind course sounds really good . We'd probably all benefit enormously from some sessions .

victoria said...

I am so into the first photo - love love love it. Gas ducted heating is a wonderful thing, ours is currently broken and I am feeling the pain.

suse said...

They're not the same pomegranates are they?

Michelle said...

I love that you are cycling! I love it, and need to do it a lot more often than I do. It always seems too dark, or too cold. I'm a wuss!!
And yay for Kumfs! And tights! Like you, I've started wearing tights again. I find them very warm. The razzamatazz ones for the curvies like us are great. I also bought some (much more expensive) tights from DJs, but I prefer my razzas.