it was awesome

I'd almost forgotten just how much I love going to Sewjourn. Beginning with the sweep of the Lancefield road as it dips across an old bridge and back up into a world of big skies and puffy clouds. Turning into the gravel drive (thankfully without incident this time) and watching the house fill up with people and projects and take on the energy of the weekend. Watching for the light that comes through the high studio window at a certain point of the afternoon. But most of all I love being part of a creative community of women. 

sewjourn april 2010

1. lisa, 2. pins, 3. yuki, 4. autumn leaves, 5. kate, lisa and suse, 6. somewhere over the rainbow..., 7. gaura with bokeh, 8. sewjourn, 9. lovely kate, 10. dew on the paddock, 11. cheesecake slice, 12. yuki's pincushion, 13. sewing studio in the morning, 14. caroline watches yuki roll nori rolls, 15. nori rolls and salad for lunch, 16. me with grace's skirt, 17. eleanor and caroline, 18. sheet for quilt backing, 19. suse, 20. hive of activity, 21. afternoon light in the studio, 22. caroline and a finished skirt, 23. lisa's rug, 24. shula, 25. suse and her quilt!

As always we had beautiful, lovingly prepared food. Lots of inspiration there and I'm definitely going to make Shula's cracked wheat dish and Yuki's salad next time we get bok choy in the vegie box. Somehow I managed to get off very lightly in the meals department owing to the number of people we had and the decision to have simple self catered breakfasts. That worked really well and I enjoyed the food more because of it. It also gave me the prefect excuse to make the super rich cheesecake slice again (recipe here).

Making of all sorts happened at a steady yet relaxed buzz. We had a quilter, a screenwriter, a tap dancer who sewed a beautiful purple skirt and led us in pictionary, a knitter who made cupcakes and helped with the food photography, a quilter who felted and steeked and made her first skirt, a garment maker who crossed over to quilting's dark side, a yogini who set incense at the door of the studio and practised embroidery with stillness and grace, a seamstress of beautiful tops from Japanese pattern books, a masseuse starting up her own business. And me. There were moments of utter hilarity, the odd burst of manic activity. Even some swearing. But there was quiet too.

I came home with a new cord skirt from an Ottobre pattern, some linen pants that I'd already cut out but are now ready for next summer, a garment and pattern copied from an existing top (pattern needs some work but it's a start) and a skirt for Grace (which I think she will love once I take the elastic out a bit). Everything will be worn and was a pleasure to make. Except for the gathered bits of the top which did involve some swearing, but hey it was late and, well you know.

So all in all, awesome. Thank you Suse and all you lovely ladies of the internet for being there and for making it such a pleasure. Despite coming back to a weekend of catch up housework and a mountain of folding, I still feel relaxed and energised by the whole experience. Just awesome.


Frogdancer said...

I know exactly what you mean about the catch-up housework. But it was worth it!

suse said...

It just gets better and better, doesn't it? Fabulous.

Kate said...

FINALLY, credit for holding up that sheet :P
I'm still in denial that it's over.

Stomper Girl said...

Ah it was just lovely being part of that creative hive! Thanks again to you and Suse for organising. I had a ball.
(I've already made Yuki's salad, Mister Fixit LOVED it)

Eleanor said...

I'm already looking forward to the next one.
E xxxx

Yuki said...

Great photos! I think the more I think about that weekend, the happier I feel. Yuki x