all is order there

This afternoon, while Gerard took Grace to her first ever AFL game*, I stayed home and cleaned the house. It was great. I was tempted to go to the footy too, but I hadn't had a whole day at home this week on account of the crazy busy. So an afternoon at home, by myself, communing with the house, was just what I needed. I put the music up loud, opened all the windows and got busy with the broom and duster. There is no longer clutter and filth everywhere. There are fresh vases of greenery from the garden and it feels so much more orderly and pleasant now. Tomorrow Gerard's going to do some mopping and other bits and pieces and we'll be set for another couple of weeks. Even if they are busy - it's a good busy.
poppy doll for ruby-lee
Hopefully being on top of the housework will mean some more time with my sewing machine. Or at least sorting my projects and getting ready for the next craft weekend in a few weeks time. Last weekend I ignored the domestic chaos and made another poppy doll (it's such a great pattern - if you are thinking of making a cloth doll to be dressed, I highly recommend it). For Ruby-Lee's third birthday. We're missing them a heap and it tugs a bit when I hear Ruby-Lee talking on skype about Grace going to her party. So maybe that's why it seemed so terribly important for me to make something. And really, it seems a bit silly to buy something from a shopping centre here and post it there.
Ruby-Lee did seem to like her present - although at three it's probably something she will grow into a bit - especially the dressing and undressing part. Grace was pretty chuffed that they both have the same doll. And Betty seemed to like it too. And despite running out of time at the end, I really enjoyed making her. Much more fun than traipsing around a shopping centre. I plan on making one for Maeve too when she's a bit older. Them all having a variation on the same handmade toy really appeals to me, don't know why, it just does.
* Grace mostly loved going to the footy. They were given some tickets behind the cheer squad by someone whose friends were a no show so had great seats, for free. Apparently the family toilets at docklands are very decent, Grace managed score a mars bar from people sitting nearby and she did some good barracking. Unfortunately the blues let us down - which Grace was more philosophical about than her dad.


mary said...

That cleaning day is my destiny today. And whilst I was not particularly looking forward to it - now I have been here I am quite keen to get on with it!

Michelle said...

Great doll! I love her. I am about to get another nephew and I am cursing the fact! I want to make dolls for nieces!! (Kidding - I'm just glad the baby is healthy, and I do love playing with trucks on the floor with my nephews...)
An ordered house is my dream. I need to find a day when I'm doing nothing, and just scrub and clean and sort.