Grace turned five this week and as usual, I've been sentimental about her birth and her tiny babyness. Goodness, it seems so long ago, and yet not at all. Concurrently. On the whole*, I'm really enjoying Grace at five. The conversations, the drawing, the enthusiasm for going to school and learning to read. The making things out of sticker tape and cardboard boxes, the big post office constructed from boxes and buckets and other pits and pieces found in the backyard. The way she and one of her friends spent an afternoon putting every single toy to bed somewhere in her room. The toy picnics and outings. It makes me reluctant to clean up her room for weeks on end, because who knows what story I would be breaking**... 

And she still loves to give her old mum a big cuddle and hold hands. Isn't that the best? And she loves it when I go to school to be a parent helper. Although we did have a conversation the other day about what embarrassing means. Grace said it was when you were rude and your underpants showed when you didn't want them to. I do hope it's a while before I become embarrassing. 

So anyway, we are having a big party in the park tomorrow. Grace decided that she wanted to invite the whole class (like another kid did) so we said as long as it was afternoon tea in the park, that was OK. And despite there being two other parties on the same day, a surprising number of kids are coming. And thankfully the park is full of space for burning off all that sugar craziness. Hopefully the cake will be big enough!

Happy birthday Grace!!

* Not to say that I haven't enjoyed other ages, of course I have, but five is really fun. Oh, and not to say that there aren't still fights and tantys and being told that you're a mean mum and you've ruined my whole day hnnmmphh etc... Still, the good far outweighs the bad. 

**Although it does get to a point where even Grace thinks it's a good idea if we clean her room and start again. Last time she told me that I did such a great job mummy. Not always the case!


Kel said...

happy birthday Grace!
and I too hope it's a long time before your mummy becomes embarrassing :p
that is a classic one liner that must be saved for the 21st, wedding reception etc

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to Grace. Five is fantastic, I agree. I think one of the nicest things about children is how they just keep getting better each year. You think they're wonderful at 4 and then they are 6 and magnificent. It's great.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Grace! What a little cutie. I remember playing picnics with my dolls too. Precious memories.

Kate said...

I am still completely enchanted by that dirty happy face.
I was looking at the Post Office and remembering all my 'pretends'. I was an only child until I was 7 - my favourite was to turn our little table upside down and make it into a boat and act out the owl and the pussycat. And also to try and recreate those playschool scenes. The amount of toilet rolls we went through to make pine trees... and the masking tape is still on that carpet, too.

blue milk said...

OMG, just came across this post and realised that your baby has lost her front teeth already. My own 5 yr old baby would be dead jealous.