family visit

Betty and Camo, Ruby and Maeve came to visit for two weeks in April. It was all too brief and I didn't take enough photos, mostly being too busy being in the moment. Then after they left, I was sad and busy and a bit cross that they're not just down the road anymore. Because Grace and Ruby see to have left that awful fighting stage behind. It was all sweetness and light, no seriously, it was gorgeous watching them play and hang out. And watch television together.

And then there is Maeve. Growing up so fast. No longer a baby and into everything. Absolutely everything. She is so delightfully cheeky.

Sigh. I need to get my next lot of leave approved so I can book some tickets. More visits required. Frequent visits.

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Stomper Girl said...

Oh Janet, that photo of the two little girls in the big brown chair is just stunning.