birthday party debrief

Well, that was massive. Most of the kids we thought were coming came, along with a few blow ins who were in the park at the same time and who just joined in. Which was totally fine, because despite my fear of undercatering, there was plenty. For food we had big fruit platters, a big bowl of kettle chips, lots of  cold cheese paztizzis cut in half and fairy bread - the only item I could have done more of. Drinks were very dilute cordial with some extra food colouring - it looked great but tasted disgusting and one boy was heard asking another if the blue was any better than the red. The answer, they're all tewwible. Oh well, we'll do better next time.

fairy cake

happy birthday grace!

treasure hunt

After the first lot of food, we had some games - statues and musical shenigans that ended up with me leading a crazy conga line and doing the hokey pokey. Then they ran around and played in the playground.Some of the kids lost their fairy dresses and went around in underpants (at another party not so long ago they all got naked and went paddling in the creek - I wonder how long before they're all too grown up to consider such a thing). Meanwhile I snuck home to get the cake.* It was very heavy, but instant wow effect. Kids called to each other, it's the cake, it's the cake and gathered around. We cleared the table and put out the cake and two platters of cupcakes and cheesecake slice. Lit the candles and sung happy birthday - Grace looked very happy indeed! Cake was served and then we it was time for the pinata which Gerard made. Despite taking some bashing (towards the end I gave it a couple of good whacks I gave it a couple of good whacks with the cricket bat myself) it was a big hit and the kids went crazy when it burst and lollipops and pirate money burst out .But that wasn't the end, there was a treasure hunt too! For the lolly bags. Gerard had hidden clues around the park and the kids swarmed in around in a pack looking for them - it took a while before they got the idea but it was a tremendous way for them to run off some of the sugar crazy.

And then that was it, for another year. 

* I totally loved making this cake and can't wait to make another. Grace loved it too and carried the fairy barbie around the supermarket. She has continued to love her ever since she came out of the cake. I always thought I would be totally against barbie dolls, but I'm starting to feel that not making a fuss one way or the other might be the way to go (and I'm quite happy for her to cut their hair off or otherwise transform them). It was also the first time I have used butter cream icing. Much better for decorated cakes. All these things I thought I'd never do - barbies, cake bling, buttercream. What can I say?


Alison said...

What a fabulous cake. I would love something like this for my birthday! Sounds like a wonderful party - great memory-making.

Eleanor said...

That is EXACTLY the cake I want for my next birthday (42). I'm going to send my mum a link to this photo.
No really. I'm serious. LOVE.IT.
See you soon!!!!!

Laura said...

Oh the joys of the littlies birthday party. It all sounds perfect Janet! Kids need to run around and get down to their undies sometimes, while they still can. Life's short.
GREAT cake! Butter cream really is a necessity, not to mention delicious.
Barbies also fulfill that necessity thing. Some girls couldn't give a toss about em. But others are really enriched by having some Barbies, so I'm glad you're open minded about them. When we went through the clearing of our Barbies and their accessories we made many girls very happy, as we had been made happy by the inheritance of the things originally.
I miss all that..... although digging out pics for my daughter's 21st I found pics of all the cakes - she had some beauties!!!!!

suse said...

Looks fabulous! I too want a cake like that. Maybe for my 50th.
My favourite party from when my boys were little was a Fairies and Elves party. Son #2 went as an elf (male) but Son #1 quite unselfconsciously wore our homemade fairy costume (red netting skirt, with matching wings made out of more red netting and lots of buttons sewn all over them). And number 3 who was a tiny tot, wore his fireman's helmet, a fairy skirt with bells on which tinkled as he ran about, and gumboots.
Interestingly, two weekends ago, Son #1 who is now 16, wore the elf hat and elf collar (with a bell on each point) to a teenage fairy party held by the girls in his class. He arrived home with an angel halo perched on top of the elf hat.

Susan said...

Oh, the best cake.
You're terrific!

Fiona said...

I assume the cake is actual cake and not ice cream, so how did you get it into that shape?

librarygirl said...

that cake is a work of art!

Penni said...

Lovely cake. Very very nice.
I do ganache every year, and stress myself out in the process, and this year in such a rush that it was all air bubbly. Next birthday I will try buttercream.

Michelle said...

I adore that cake! Love the look on Grace's face. What a fantastic day!

blue milk said...

I love, love, love the cordial review from those little boys - too funny. Also, am seriously envious of your photos, our birthday parties always seem to be too chaotic for me to get a moment to take some nice photos, and I regret that. And brava on the cake, when you go frou frou you go in style.

victoria said...

The cake is grand and wonderful.

Susan said...

Showed the pic of this marvellous cake to Clare and Ally and they were SO IMPRESSED. The lolly skirt is the best.
I am also most impressed, this beats the sort of 2D yellow tip truck full of smarties I made way back when Giles was 4. That's nearly 14 years ago!