under the seal pond

Hello! I seem to have lost the urge to write here (yet) again. What can I say, except that life has been fantastically busy, which is great and that well, part of my online life seems to have lost some of it's sheen. Not so great. I kind of miss it, but then I don't. Today I was musing about why that may be, but I can't quite put it into words adequately, words being such slippery things. It has something to do with the light drawing in and summer ending. Perhaps with an accompanying acceptance of events running their course. Not exactly as I would have chosen, but then life doesn't always go as you would like, does it? 

Anyway, onward, because really I do need to catch up a bit with my photos. The weekend of the big storm, Grace and I went to the zoo to see the baby elephant. I had hoped that the inclement weather (although it didn't rain while we were waiting) might have deterred the crowds. Ah no. Still, little Mali was exceptionally cute and how often does one get to see a baby elephant? Grace didn't whinge once during the 45 minute wait. We just talked and she zipped about to see various things along the line. It was quite lovely.     

I hadn't expected it, but my favourite part of the day was visiting the new seal enclosure. We spent a while checking out the stingrays and then went down the ramp. I could have stayed down there under the seal pond for hours if Grace hadn't dragged me back up to the surface. It's all dark and you look into these big windows of startling blue water. Then suddenly a seal torpedos past. The are so fast and flick the water around in an explosion of shimmer and light. It is truly amazing to watch and I'm quite keen to go back again soon.

Oh and in other news, my sister and her family Betty have been visiting which is super exciting. So I need to deal with the next lot of photos (and recipes - still cooking up a storm) so I can download my camera and write about my gorgeous nieces. Oh, and how well they all played this time!  Looking forward to a quiet Easter, how about you?

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Di said...

I agree, unwanted changes can take the gloss off things, but hopefully changes can allow for different, equally good things to emerge.
Love your photos and description of the seals- they are amazing.
Hope you had a good Easter (I'm way behind in reading, as per usual!)