holiday snaps

Finally loaded the rest of the holiday snaps onto Flickr last night. I've been looking at the pictures again, especially the ones from the second camp site, which was much nicer than the first one in amongst all the powered sites, and remembering bits of the holiday. Like the big family group camped across the flat who were from suburban Melbourne and somewhere in Eastern Europe, Russia perhaps. And they seemed to be having the best time. All day, when they weren't walking or visiting the caves, they collected wood. Huge amounts which they dragged back to one of the fireplaces. The first night they sat around a small fireplace, toasting marshmallows and singing. Beautiful songs in another language, accompanied by a blue guitar. However they built such a big fire that the fire truck came and their singing was cut short. On the second night, they collected even more wood but used a big fireplace and settled in for the night. I worried the singing would keep me awake at night but it was rather pleasant.

Life since then seems to keep getting busier and busier. Each day seems jam packed. It's the school term I think. It's all good - but I'm starting to look forward to the holidays again. 

Oh look at the time, must go to bed. Have been cooking for the stall tomorrow at our Playtime in the Park event. Yo-yos, chocolate peppermint yo-yos, lemon slice and I made pumpkin pie for dessert tonight. Not sure whether pumpkin pie is my sort of thing, but it does use half a pumpkin which is a bonus. Particularly if everyone else is also eating said pumpkin. Oh, and before the playtime in the park, where I will be rushing round like a mad thing taking photos and talking and helping out, is another community event to save our open space. Where I also want to take lots of photos. At some points of the day I will want to be in two places at the same time. A tardis or some for of instant transporter would be handy. 


faith said...

the camping looks great! and yes it is getting busier and busier, its such a short term this one and there is so much crammed into it! Looking forward to the hols and a really nice long cool winter term ;-)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A shady campsite !! Or do I mean a shaded campsite ( the first sounds a bit shifty ! ) . Anyway , after a winter like the one we've just had , I can't think of anything nicer than lying in a tent listening to Russian songs .Unless it's eating some of those lovely meals you've been cooking !

victoria said...

Oh the bit about the fire truck coming is SO GOOD! I was pleased enough by the part about the people collecting wood all day, but the fire truck really topped it off.

suse said...

Oh Victoria makes me laugh.
I saw those photos appearing on Flickr and thought you'd gone camping for the long weekend!