summer blogging

The normal blogging urge seems to have completely left me. Still camping out on Gerard's desk and it's OK but I miss my computer, my chair and proper Outlook. I can get email but it's bigpond webmail, it's sucky slow and I can only see 10 emails at a time. And I miss all the handy files saved to my desktop, like the vegie co-op roster. Still, I've been crazy busy. All my causes, the school, the pool and the Kodak development seemed to have morphed into this big heaving mess of things. that. need. to. be. done. right. now. Before the next thing that happens and also needs to be done immediately. So instead of stressing about it and feeling overwhelmed, I just got in and did it. Although I made a big list first. And anything that I couldn't do, well I just moved on. And I've said no and hand passed some other stuff. I've been fiddling around on Facebook quite a bit, making pages and connecting them up to their respective blogs. Nearly everything to do with Facebook pages seems to be fiddlier than it ought. However the pages (Pool, School and Newlands Community Alliance if you want to fan any of them) are all working well now and earning their keep. All in all, I've managed to pretty much knock off my list this week and it feels really good.

almost a swimmer's view

What else? Oh, this is big. I've actually started the process of moving my blog empire from typepad to blogger. I've been wanting to do this for ages but the other day I was updating a link on the sidebar of the pool site and honestly, with typepad's system there is so much faffng that I cracked the shits, exported the blog file, ran it through the google converter and imported it into blogger. Just to see what would happen. And guess what? It flippin' well worked!! The whole process took about 15 minutes. Of course there are hours of site design yet to do, pages to tidy up and images to move before I repoint the domain name but I don't think it's going to be that hard - just a bit tedious. So I'm working out a plan and workflow to do all my blogs. Just doing a bit each week, I think it will take me until the middle of the year.

flags from underwater

Apart from being free, blogger has a much nicer editor now. I love how in the advanced editor, you can test your links as you add them. Also a fan of editing page elements from the page instead of having to look through the clumsy typepad library. And, as of two weeks ago blogger has pages! No more having to do a dodgy second blog with all the non page elements made white to fake a page. So yeah, I'm definitely moving.   


Mmm, and I went back to work this week. That was hard after four weeks. Every one seems so tense and grumpy. Stressed. And it was busy and I got shouted at twice on my first day back. Nice. On my second day, a customer told me not to get smart with them. Yeah well. Perhaps after being away for a while, you get a renewed perspective. It was great to get back to homelife at  the end of the week and do the school run. I really like it. Being a school mum. Grace seems to like being a school kid too. Except occasionally when it all seems too much. I'd write a bit about going to the pool too, but what can I say apart from the fact that it is wet and pleasant. We rather like it.


Alby Mangroves said...

It certainly looks wet and pleasant from where I sit, which is dry and slightly less pleasant (I imagine). Can't wait to see your new blogger look ;)

Sooz said...

Wow congratulations on getting the tranfer to blogger working - what a techno feat! And thanks for alerting me to pages because that had completely passed me by.

Michelle said...

That's what I like about the pool too.
Hope this coming week is a nicer one for you.

Stomper Girl said...

We've been enjoying the pool too, although not the same one.
Try not to take on too much of that stupid work stress. Easier said than done, I know.

faith said...

wow. busy enough methinks. and great photos. love those underwater shots. Have you ever tried Wordpress for blogging? Soooooo much better than blogger but thats just my opinion. ;-)

janet said...

Faith, I did investigate Wordpress, but in the end what I like most about blogger is that you have access to the underlying template - you can edit it in html if you like. As far as I understand in Wordpress, you have to pay an annual fee for that. Also, although it's not as flash as souped up Wordpress (which I do think produces the slickest blogs and sites,) Blogger is more friendly for readers using old computers and easier to customise if you are just learning HTML. Also, it's part of the google evil empire which means I can have gmail, feedburner, google analytics all in one site.