plan b, it's always good to have a plan b

I had planned to blog everyday this week. Tuesday, my Outlook email stopped working and I obsessed with that instead. On Wednesday morning my dad came over to fix it up - which he did with a neat trick - copy and paste the error message into a google search and look for a reputable microsoft site or forum with an answer... why wasn't I clever enough to think of that? It's how I learn most other things. Anyway.... he then started to fix a problem with my super duper back up system, not that we've ever lost data off the hard drive and the program to create a new partition stopped in the middle of what it was doing and things went pear shaped from there. As he was about to go overseas for the next three weeks, Dad took my computer home and I think he may have pulled an overnighter to get it working. We talked in the morning before he went to the airport and I went to my shrink appointment - and it all seemed like good news. G went to pick it up but when he plugged it in at home and logged on, the machine powered down. He called me on my mobile and I sat in the lovely cafe next to Savers in the heat and just felt defeated.  When I got home, we tried a few more things and then Dad called from Singapore (yeah, he's pretty dedicated is my dad) and we tried yet a few more things. But we still can't turn the computer on and get it to stay on. Maybe it will be something simple like a switch. Or something complicated like one of the drives is corrupted. But I feel bereft. Like I'm missing part of my brain and part of my body. Yeah, addicted to the internet, my shrink suggested and I didn't even get that she was joking.
It felt like a chain of errors, but it's nobody's fault. Indeed I'm extraordinary lucky to have such a super fast and pretty computer. When it goes, as it mostly does, it is such a joy to work on, but it's like a car. Needs maintenance. And sometimes just a tiny bit of luck. So Plan B. Gerard has said I can use his computer (and isn't fabulous that he has a newly reconditioned almost as fast as my computer with a big screen now, so really I shouldn't complain should I?) and I've spent the best part of the day downloading a trial version of the photo software I like (and learning how to use the new version - which has some aspects I'm not totally thrilled about), setting up my favourites, getting the things I need close at hand, my flickr uploadr, cleaning up my file directory, importing my gmail contacts into my bigpond email account. Ugh. The email is the worst. I had my Outlook working beautifully. Everything went into the appropriate folder (some folders acting as a kind of to do list). Contacts and groups sorted. Bigpond webmail doesn't seem to have a way to add contacts from outgoing or incoming mail easily. And I have no access my email archives and I've missed a more than a few emails from the last couple of days.... Sigh.

But I'm up and running again. Haven't finished flickerating or blogging about our camping trip holidays yet, but the photos are on the other computer. Hopefully they are still there, because the next lot are my favourites of the whole trip. I guess they will look different in three weeks time.... so maybe the narrative will be even more backwards looking than ever. Nostalgic perhaps. I can work with that. So Dad, if you're reading - thank you for your massive efforts - we have plan B well and truly sorted and have settled in for the duration. Hope you catch up on your sleep and have a fabulous trip!

Note to self: When your computer is back up and running, keep a contacts list in .csv on G's computer. And a copy of ACDSee. Just to make it easier next time. It's time I accepted the fact that there will always be a next time. And learnt to prepare for it better. I think that might be plan C. Here ends the whinge. And so to bed, to get under the doona. I know... it was too hot to breathe the other night. Perhaps it was the heat.


  1. I lost my outlook express about 2 weeks ago now and have to use Bigpond which is very annoying. I did contact them and all they said was that it must have been corrupted, but then I received an email saying they were phasing that system out. I too lost all my contacts so I have to wait for people to email again so I can store their addresses. I hope all is not lost within your computer so you can show us your wonderful photos. I really enjoyed your last ones. I am sure I drove past that part of Victoria a few years ago when we camped at Mallacoota!

  2. When we installed Windows 7 on my computer, that's when I learned that Outlook Express is gone - I think they want you to use Windows Live mail. However the older version of Outlook 2007 still works fine with Vista and Windows 7. Except for that annoying little bug that I could have fixed myself......
    Did you get an error message? If so, maybe you could get back in and export your contacts at the very least. Computers are very annoying when they don't work as they should! And bigpond email sucks bigtime!
    I'm confident that I will get my photos back.

  3. Nothing can prompt hand-wringing and wailing so fast as a computer !

  4. I just wanted to say how I love the vase of Roses, but I think I just saw first day of school! must go and read that one....

  5. Note to self. Quick! Go back up my computers.