big first day at school

On Sunday I cleaned Grace's room to a degree of unusual orderliness and quizzed her on all manner of things - could she open her lunch box? what would she do if she wanted to go to the toilet and it wasn't playtime or lunchtime? how would she be brave of the noisy thing (aka the hand dryer, a major issue for a year or so)? what did she want for lunch? We even went shopping together and bought a lunch bag and some little freezer packs. Everything was laid on the table and labelled with a laundry marker or sharpie pen. We were ready as we were going to be. And Grace was super excited. I set my alarm. Just in case. But Grace and Gerard were up at 6.30 am anyway, ready to get ready. I had thought we were going to be really stupidly early, but we were just in time. The school crossing supervisor took extra care to explain the rules as each group of preps crossed the road and some of the grade six girls stood inside the fence exclaiming how cute the preps were. Grace walked along the last bit of the path to school holding hands with some of her friends. Her buddy pounced on her and gave her a big hug. Amongst the melee of parents and cameras, I got one serious "for nana" shot. The rest was pretty much a blur.
Inside we found Grace's hook for her bag and placed her lunch in the box provided. The class room was even more chaotic and for a moment I thought Grace would lose it. She stayed close and sat on my knee with her arms around my neck for a moment but then happily went off to play with the toy cars and loop de loop track. They're not silly, these prep teachers - lots of interesting playthings already set up. I felt all teary, well actually I did get a bit wet around the eyes, but I wasn't the only one. Lucky I had a champagne brunch with some other mums and dads (G went home to work on the shed extension) to go to. It was a good debrief and then I had some pamphlets for a community event to deliver and before I knew it, there were only two hours left until pick up time. Even so, I wanted to be a fly on the wall all day. To see how they were going, to know that she was OK. Apparently one of the last parents to leave peeked in the window and saw the kids sitting on the mat, happily listening to a story. 
When I arrived to pick Grace up, everyone was happy and excited. It had been a good day. Not that I could find out any details because if I asked Grace about her day at school, she said it was good and that she learned to use the noisy thing. So we went through the orange state government show bag they were all issued and checked out the propaganda while eating trashy fruit juice icy poles. A little while later she fell asleep on the couch in her fairy dress and woke up all rumpled and ready to give it another go tomorrow.


  1. Look, sorry to break this to you but you've made a terrible mistake. You're not allowed to leave toddlers at school alone. Grace is nowhere near old enough to go to school. Nowhere near. She is but a wee bit of a thing.
    *has a little sit down*

  2. By the way, she looks gorgeous. Sounds like a lovely school. Aren't those big grade six creatures exotic, I am fascinated by them...they're like Miranda just before she disappears on Hanging Rock, poised on the threshold of something.

  3. Oh she looks so gorgeous. Now I'm all emotional and she's not even mine!
    I met the woman I count as probably my best friend, when our first babies (now in Year 10 OMG WTF) started in prep together. In the year 2000 (OMG WTF).
    I don't know why that's relevant, except to possibly say that both Grace AND you commencing a whole new journey.
    How exciting!

  4. Congratulations to you all !! A huge step for you and you sailed through it .
    Mind you , one day there will be Maths homework .....

  5. Well done 'not really crying' says someone who bawled over both of her own! And is getting wet in the eyes looking at your pictures. Good luck with the little tired one for the next 1-2 weeks, a couch nap sounds like an excellent idea.

  6. great photographic capture of a big day in the life of a little girl