the pool and the caves

Apart from the thrill of camping, sleeping on the only lilo of three that didn't completely deflate each night, in a tent between mummy and daddy, Grace was most taken with two things. The pool and the caves. The first thing Grace wanted to do was swim in the pool and really, she would have been happy to spend a large part of each day there. The swimming pool is set into a rocky outcrop and water flows in from an under ground stream the cave system and is cold. Like swimming in an icy pole cold. At the other end of the pool, the water flows out again under the road and into a creek and so although it's really cold, it feels very clean and un gunky. Refreshing. All around are big pine trees and the overall feel is quite European or American (or so I imagine - never having actually camped in either place). The stone works and old signs add to the overall effect. Buchan Caves Reserve was first developed in the 1930's I think, and the trees were planted then. Not like your usual Australian national park, but interesting for a change. 
On one of the days we were there, it was very hot and muggy and plunging into the water was just delicious. Other days, you just had to remember that no matter what, it was bloody cold. So I tended to dive under very quickly and swim about until my body stopped feeling so shocked. Grace I suspect has ice in her veins.

At first Grace needed a little convincing to visit the caves. And I needed to calm myself. Caves freak me a bit but it was OK, very accessible with hand rails and lights and steps and a guide. Even so I wasn't keen to visit a second cave. Something about the clammy, cold air. And a kind of panic that remained with me for about an hour afterwards. I think it's fair to say, I'm just not a cave person. Grace on the other hand pestered her Dad to take her to other one. They had a great time while I has some peace and quiet, read the paper and had one of my two solo showers of the trip.
Mandatory picture of cave decorations above. They remind me of the kind of art one of my stoner housemates in a previous life used to like. Give me the pool any day.

Oh, oh look at the time! We have school tomorrow!


suse said...

All the best for tomorrow for your big school girl!

Eleanor said...

School! Can we see Grace in her uniform? Pleeeaaase?!!
P.S. I'm not a cave person either.

kate said...

It is quite lovely to have kids of an age when a swimming pool and a regular supply of icecream makes it The Best Holiday Ever! And that pool had me thinking of American summer camp type images, which I only know about from movies.
Good luck with the start of school. The idea makes me feel ill, but I hope Grace is excited.

Stomper Girl said...

Kids, huh. They will swim until they are blue in the lips and still protest when you say they have to get out.