Happy birthday Maeve!

Happy birthday Maeve! You're one now and well and truly walking I hear. Your first year seemed to fly by so quickly and next time I see you, you'll definitely be a toddler rather than a baby. I hope you like your new sock monkey. She's a girl sock monkey and Grace wanted her to have pink eyes, but I thought that the liberty lined ears would give it away.

Sock Monkey is made from an old pair of your Nana's possum merino socks, that were accidentally felted in the washing machine. The heels were a bit thin, hence the darning. In making her I was inspired by Mr Ted Baker. Although I followed a modern pattern, meaning she has stumpier arms and a shorter tail. She is very soft and squishy which all comes down to the sock I think. Happy Birthday, little girl.

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sooz said...

Totally gorgeous - what luxury to have possum socks! And a possum sock monkey! With Liberty ears no less. I am sure Maeve will cuddle her do death.