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I had meant to write a post about our trip everyday since I got back but as you all would know, life tends to get in the way of blogging.
Anyway, we ended up having two camp sites at Buchan reserve. The first was one that you can book through Parks Victoria* and it was right on the edge of all the powered sites. Under a street lamp and next to the sewerage plant. Not to mention two doors down from the family with four children whose Dad, despite being a nice guy, played AC/DC loudly late into the night. Walking through the site to the toilet block at night, I was surprised by the number of DVD players and war games I heard. Coming back, I saw a man playing solitaire on his laptop while his wife slouched in a chair nearby. Part of me wished I'd had my camera with me and was game enough to take a picture and document the scene. Electronic games seem to be a new development since we last stayed in a camping ground about five years ago. In the end though, it was the street light shining in our tent that really motivated me to move site.

This site did have some nice points though, a picnic table with a grassy bank behind it. We bought our folding table to sit at and a little table to cook on. In the absence of a picnic table I would normally sit on a milk crate to cook and use the esky to rest the chopping board on. The picnic table was very civilised in comparison and we ending up using our tables for other things.
When we were packing there were some things in the kitchen box that I'd forgotten the function of but dragged along anyway. Like the cake rack that enables the coffee maker to sit on the hot plate. The coffee maker is a beauty. Not only does it make superb coffee but the billy with the coffee tin sits under the spout when it's all packed in the kitchen box. Very compact. It was lovely to get out the night box again, which is the blue box above with the chess board pattern on top. G made that for me after our very first camping trip together (to Adelaide via the Murray to see Carlton play). A peace offering, perhaps. There were some rough edges between us, as I remember. A camping trip being a pretty ambitious first date. The night box has a compartment for the lantern top and a little section for some chess pieces. It also hold candles, mosquito coils, a pack of cards and sometimes chocolate and other night time type treats.
* If I were staying at Buchan Reserve again, I would try to get through to the actual reserve and book a site on Combi flat which is where we eventually moved to and is much nicer.  


suse said...

The Night Box is excellent. I particularly love the chess board top.

Alby Mangroves said...

Don't you just love the concept of getting away from it all by taking it all with you? God this one made me laugh xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Mosquito coils still exist !!
I remember my astonishment when I saw a pop-up toaster in a caravan on a French campsite about 40 years ago . Seemed so over the top !

kate said...

The Bloke and I are very impressed with the night box, both the construction and the concept. The Bloke adds "It would be important for it to be opaque" what with it holding chocolate.
I know everyone draws their camping equipment line in a different place, but I reckon if it doesn't fit in our car it isn't coming. I'm not taking a trailer, because that's my sign of Too Much Work, Not Enough Holiday.

Mary said...

yes I love the idea of a night box too and I am intrigued by the coffee maker - will need to look for one of those for the next camping trip..