summer rain

I'm sitting here listening to the rain, which is very pleasant after such a sudden start to what looks to be another long hot summer. Grace has been unusually tired and had monster tantrums today and yesterday and the day before. I'm tired too because every third or so night the cat decides to sleep on my beside table and lick his bottom for the half the night, which is disgusting in itself but also cause the table on which my big mirror sits to move from side to side. And last night was one of those nights. But the rain is making everything feel alright again. I love summer rain.


Coolum beach, high iso by mistake, giving it a washed out look which feels very summery to me.

I've nearly finished editing my Queensland photos but ever since I've got the computer back, I've been preoccupied with answering emails and sorting out my inbox and setting things up right. My computer crashed again last week but was OK the next day after my Dad jiggled something or other. Apparently I will know in about three weeks whether or not it can be considered stable. As my Dad says, intermittent faults are very difficult to analyse. Fingers crossed. So I'm going to be doubly cautious about backing up before I delete photos from my camera. Hopefully I'll get around to writing a bit about Queensland. But maybe the moment has passed and it will just live in pictures and memory. Sometimes that's OK too.


  1. The rain is gorgeous isn't it? It is restoring my will to live. 30ml we've had, since last night.
    The photo reminds me of an Arthur Streeton or Charles Conder painting. Something about the quality of the light, the graininess.

  2. How d'you do that? ISO up at 1200 or something?

  3. It was a wonderful relief to get that rain. Put everyone in a much better mood. Intrigued by the high ISO - a great effect.

  4. Um, I now have the cat visual thing in my head. Concentrating very hard on the nice things you said about rain and Queensland beaches...