hello again

Well, hello there. Waves. It's lovely to be home again, but I'm missing Betty and the girls already. As a friend said today, going and visiting them where they live now makes the reality of them having moved away all the more real.

I had hoped I might keep to the spirit of blogtober while we were in Queensland but as it turned out, blogging wasn't really practical or desirable. Especially given that we had so little time there. Which is a pity in way, because often I found myself thinking, oh this would be interesting to write about... here's something new I haven't thought about before and, oh look what those charming children are doing!  Oh well, sometimes you just have to live your life.

 However I did take my cameras and spent a part of each day taking pictures. Now I have over 500 photos to sort through, which is somewhat daunting. So, I've sorted them into folders and I'm going to try and tackle a folder each night, and then write a little blog post to go with the photos that stand out most to me. Hopefully that way I'll remember all the really important things. Maybe it won't be as hard as I imagine, although there are lots of pictures of blurry children and quite a few that look like they've been taken by a four year old. Which is what will happen when you leave your camera on the kitchen table.

I took these photos as Betty and I were lying back on the grass (in a patch with no bindis) on the second day, looking at the sky and talking. There weren't as many of those moments as I would have liked, but actually there were more than I expected, given the number of children around. It was beautiful, I can understand why people leave a city with a cold winter, hellish summer and hideous traffic to live there. I loved the bright colours and tropical gardens. And the water! Although the dry season was only just ending, we saw sprinklers and you could water the garden with a hose! Betty told me that she is planning a much more subtle garden, which I totally understood once I saw their block, but that's a story we'll get to later.....


suse said...

I've been stalking your blog since you got home, waiting for words and pictures!
Look forward to the next posts too.
Don't forget to choose some for The Calendar!!!

mary said...

Yum - love the red against the blue!
And yes - the calendar!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Lovely shot , with those gorgeous colours ! I look forward to hearing more .