Grrrr, unscheduled radio silence

Last night when I turned on my computer, the dreaded blue screen of death appeared. After a restart, all seemed well. Until I logged on this morning and going through my emails, clicked on something from a real estate site and everything crashed again. Managed to get it going in safe mode and hoping to be able to at least access my emails (having submitted an expression of interest in a job at a much more convenient office), went to open outlook and everything crashed again. Now nothing works at all and I am camped out at G's computer with no access to my photos, my spreadsheets with vegie co-op roster etc or my emails...... woe. Sad isn't it? Shows just how dependent I am.

We think it's something to do with the hard drive being too full because of the back up system we use. And perhaps dumping 500 photos onto the computer tipped it over the edge. Or maybe something happened when G vacuumed the dust out of the sound card. Or maybe the computer has caught something nasty. Whatever it is, I'm really hoping that my dad, the computer magician, can fix it up. Soon.

Otherwise I'm just going to have to cope for a while. Sigh.

Update: The computer is going for a re-build on Monday. I'm worried that I might have lost all the photos from our Queensland trip (well, except for the one tenth of them already on Flickr) but Dad says that's his job to worry about the data. I'm kicking myself because, normally I delete the photos as I download them from the camera but this time I held onto them until they were safely on the computer. Sigh. I'm so used to my computer going right that I would never have dreamed of this happening. Wish that a) I could remember whether there was an automatic backup after I downloaded the photos and b) that I hadn't tried to resurrect the computer to the last known good configuration, thereby possibly corrupting some of the more recent data. I really, really hope that my photos are still there. Oh well, what will be will be. But fingers crossed.


  1. Grrr indeed. What a pain in the arse.
    I am counting on your dad too!

  2. Computers go on strike too , then . Hope it's quickly sort-outable . Sharing a computer can lead to narrowed eyes and pursed lips !

  3. I keep getting the blue screen of death too. I'm trying to ignore it. While backing everything up.
    Painful first world woes.

  4. Oh gosh! I hope it's fixed soon!!

  5. enjoy your sewing while the computers broke x

  6. Good Luck! Horrible to be held up technology.......