everything was happening yesterday

Ahem.... added on Monday night. This post needs an edit. Obviously I really was a bit worse for wear. Some of it just didn't make sense at all....

Well, my computer is back (big thanks to my Dad!). All repaired with a new motherboard and new hard drives. It's blisteringly fast compared to before. There is still have some work to do. We need to re-install my beloved photo processing software (ACDSee). And there are questions I keep asking myself now I see myself at a sort of crossroads of the new. Do I go with internet explorer or make the leap to google chrome? Or run both? How am I going to set up my favourites? How different is Windows 7 to Vista? It all feels a little strange, so I think there will be an adjustment period before blogging and working on my photos begin in earnest. But I have my Outlook back! Yay! I felt so cut off from internet land and even my offline life without it. Although I was beginning to adjust.

Anyway, it will all have to wait a bit. I'm still feeling a bit fragile. Like a rose wilting in the heat. We had a double birthday bash here last night for G and me. There was no escaping the inevitabilty of this party as it was a significant birthday for G and really, it just had to be done. Of course, we decided that everything had to be ship shape - why I don't know, because once those kids go through the house it's not like anyone notices whether you've tidied the laundry or not. I had nightmares about not having enough food and as a consequence we have a fridge full of leftovers. All up, it was a pretty good party though. Lots of neighbours and children, who for the most part were charming and had fun without hurting each other. Some cool presents including a hilarious book on fruit carving. I also made the executive decision to clear all the savoury food before setting out a dessert table, as I'd made cheesecake, cupcakes and a big cake and others had bought slice and meringues and there was fruit and sesame biscuits and Mim's lovely banana cake. I rather liked that bit and people seemed to enjoy it. Then when it was just us and the stayers, I relaxed into a serious bit of trashification. For which I am paying today. But it was so totally worth it. I know I keep saying it, but I really like living around here. It's the best.

p.s the picture above is clearly not our house. I got the photo from here. Real life photos will be a while coming I think.


  1. Happy birthday!! Great to have you back online!

  2. Good to have you back .
    Your big Birthday Bonanza sounds great and your neighbourhood will be talking about your dessert table for weeks . Next year you may need a bouncer at the door !

  3. oh you sucked me in with that idyllic photo :-)
    what a great birthday
    internet access again
    friends at a party
    a dessert table

  4. Happy Birthday to you both.
    And I am so glad you are back in this world again!

  5. Ooh I missed you.
    Happy birthday J and G!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Loved the description of the desserts..

  7. Happy (significant) birthdays, you two!
    That picture is pretty inspirational though!
    I'm glad you had such a lovely party (even at a price).
    And YAYYYYYYYY for new computers!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy birthday!
    and I'm glad you got your computer back. It feels so isolating to be without it. Very strange remembering the days before them...

  9. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Significant Birthday to G. I think I will be stealing 'trashification' for my own use.