summer rain

I'm sitting here listening to the rain, which is very pleasant after such a sudden start to what looks to be another long hot summer. Grace has been unusually tired and had monster tantrums today and yesterday and the day before. I'm tired too because every third or so night the cat decides to sleep on my beside table and lick his bottom for the half the night, which is disgusting in itself but also cause the table on which my big mirror sits to move from side to side. And last night was one of those nights. But the rain is making everything feel alright again. I love summer rain.


Coolum beach, high iso by mistake, giving it a washed out look which feels very summery to me.

I've nearly finished editing my Queensland photos but ever since I've got the computer back, I've been preoccupied with answering emails and sorting out my inbox and setting things up right. My computer crashed again last week but was OK the next day after my Dad jiggled something or other. Apparently I will know in about three weeks whether or not it can be considered stable. As my Dad says, intermittent faults are very difficult to analyse. Fingers crossed. So I'm going to be doubly cautious about backing up before I delete photos from my camera. Hopefully I'll get around to writing a bit about Queensland. But maybe the moment has passed and it will just live in pictures and memory. Sometimes that's OK too.

everything was happening yesterday

Ahem.... added on Monday night. This post needs an edit. Obviously I really was a bit worse for wear. Some of it just didn't make sense at all....

Well, my computer is back (big thanks to my Dad!). All repaired with a new motherboard and new hard drives. It's blisteringly fast compared to before. There is still have some work to do. We need to re-install my beloved photo processing software (ACDSee). And there are questions I keep asking myself now I see myself at a sort of crossroads of the new. Do I go with internet explorer or make the leap to google chrome? Or run both? How am I going to set up my favourites? How different is Windows 7 to Vista? It all feels a little strange, so I think there will be an adjustment period before blogging and working on my photos begin in earnest. But I have my Outlook back! Yay! I felt so cut off from internet land and even my offline life without it. Although I was beginning to adjust.

Anyway, it will all have to wait a bit. I'm still feeling a bit fragile. Like a rose wilting in the heat. We had a double birthday bash here last night for G and me. There was no escaping the inevitabilty of this party as it was a significant birthday for G and really, it just had to be done. Of course, we decided that everything had to be ship shape - why I don't know, because once those kids go through the house it's not like anyone notices whether you've tidied the laundry or not. I had nightmares about not having enough food and as a consequence we have a fridge full of leftovers. All up, it was a pretty good party though. Lots of neighbours and children, who for the most part were charming and had fun without hurting each other. Some cool presents including a hilarious book on fruit carving. I also made the executive decision to clear all the savoury food before setting out a dessert table, as I'd made cheesecake, cupcakes and a big cake and others had bought slice and meringues and there was fruit and sesame biscuits and Mim's lovely banana cake. I rather liked that bit and people seemed to enjoy it. Then when it was just us and the stayers, I relaxed into a serious bit of trashification. For which I am paying today. But it was so totally worth it. I know I keep saying it, but I really like living around here. It's the best.

p.s the picture above is clearly not our house. I got the photo from here. Real life photos will be a while coming I think.

Grrrr, unscheduled radio silence

Last night when I turned on my computer, the dreaded blue screen of death appeared. After a restart, all seemed well. Until I logged on this morning and going through my emails, clicked on something from a real estate site and everything crashed again. Managed to get it going in safe mode and hoping to be able to at least access my emails (having submitted an expression of interest in a job at a much more convenient office), went to open outlook and everything crashed again. Now nothing works at all and I am camped out at G's computer with no access to my photos, my spreadsheets with vegie co-op roster etc or my emails...... woe. Sad isn't it? Shows just how dependent I am.

We think it's something to do with the hard drive being too full because of the back up system we use. And perhaps dumping 500 photos onto the computer tipped it over the edge. Or maybe something happened when G vacuumed the dust out of the sound card. Or maybe the computer has caught something nasty. Whatever it is, I'm really hoping that my dad, the computer magician, can fix it up. Soon.

Otherwise I'm just going to have to cope for a while. Sigh.

Update: The computer is going for a re-build on Monday. I'm worried that I might have lost all the photos from our Queensland trip (well, except for the one tenth of them already on Flickr) but Dad says that's his job to worry about the data. I'm kicking myself because, normally I delete the photos as I download them from the camera but this time I held onto them until they were safely on the computer. Sigh. I'm so used to my computer going right that I would never have dreamed of this happening. Wish that a) I could remember whether there was an automatic backup after I downloaded the photos and b) that I hadn't tried to resurrect the computer to the last known good configuration, thereby possibly corrupting some of the more recent data. I really, really hope that my photos are still there. Oh well, what will be will be. But fingers crossed.

hello again

Well, hello there. Waves. It's lovely to be home again, but I'm missing Betty and the girls already. As a friend said today, going and visiting them where they live now makes the reality of them having moved away all the more real.

I had hoped I might keep to the spirit of blogtober while we were in Queensland but as it turned out, blogging wasn't really practical or desirable. Especially given that we had so little time there. Which is a pity in way, because often I found myself thinking, oh this would be interesting to write about... here's something new I haven't thought about before and, oh look what those charming children are doing!  Oh well, sometimes you just have to live your life.

 However I did take my cameras and spent a part of each day taking pictures. Now I have over 500 photos to sort through, which is somewhat daunting. So, I've sorted them into folders and I'm going to try and tackle a folder each night, and then write a little blog post to go with the photos that stand out most to me. Hopefully that way I'll remember all the really important things. Maybe it won't be as hard as I imagine, although there are lots of pictures of blurry children and quite a few that look like they've been taken by a four year old. Which is what will happen when you leave your camera on the kitchen table.

I took these photos as Betty and I were lying back on the grass (in a patch with no bindis) on the second day, looking at the sky and talking. There weren't as many of those moments as I would have liked, but actually there were more than I expected, given the number of children around. It was beautiful, I can understand why people leave a city with a cold winter, hellish summer and hideous traffic to live there. I loved the bright colours and tropical gardens. And the water! Although the dry season was only just ending, we saw sprinklers and you could water the garden with a hose! Betty told me that she is planning a much more subtle garden, which I totally understood once I saw their block, but that's a story we'll get to later.....