what's hot and what's not


  1. We're off to Queensland on Friday to see my sister Betty and Cam and my little nieces. At the moment I just want to cuddle them for a whole week (like they'll let me - I'm feeling so very auntieish), but I'm sure we'll fit in some other activities like ummmm, going to the beach. Or something. I am super, super, super excited about his.
  2. Did I mention I'm on holiday for a week?
  3. And that it involves sun and an airplane trip?
  4. And swimming at the beach with a little girl who loves the water?
  5. We've had a friend arrive from overseas and not only is it lovely to catch up but she can look after our little house while we're away and feed Tony (the cat).
  6. Reading novels on the tram up Sydney road.
  7. Dora the Explorer suitcases with matching handbags (well kind of hot if you're four and a half).

not so hot

  1. Colds that linger and linger and linger with an insane half life, complete with funny ears - am going to be taking full on decongestants before flying.
  2. With the warmer weather my old friend the puffy foot has returned, along with a hot red puffy rash. Is it an insect bite or some sort of infection? Not sure, but it ain't pretty. There are no appointments at the good doctor tomorrow so I may have to see a quack. Sigh.
  3. Big to-do lists with a side serve of anxiety.

Sounds like a little holiday might be in order, doesn't it. Not sure if I'm going to post while I'm away yet. Think I'll just see how things go. A most of blogtober effort might have to suffice. But I'm more than OK with that.

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We've been counting the sleeps and it's time I went and knocked another one over. nite, nite.

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Claire said...

You will be on holidays by now -- have a good time! :)