what's hot and what's not

  • Realising, as I caught the tram past Royal Park this evening, that we might have green grass and new leaves on the elm trees this spring. Like at the same time. This makes me very, very happy. Totally mega hot.
  • G saying I'll clean up Grace's vomit**, and just put her clothes in the bath for me and I'll deal with them later and seeing him with the mop. Need I say more?
  • Something changed for me at work yesterday when I decided I could say something about an issue I've been conflicted about for a while now. It felt right, and a whole lot of heaviness fell away.
  • Wednesday is the end of my not at home working week and I'll be sleeping an extra hour tomorrow!! Then hanging out with Grace.
  • Walking home through Pentridge village tonight. Thought I was lost, but followed someone walking a dog. Can't wait to go back with my good camera.
  • Friday night is the beginning of barbeque in the park season. That is very hot.
  • G finding a clean and pressed pair of work trousers in the hard rubbish and after washing them (just to be sure) declaring them the best and most comfortable work pants he's had for ages. Love that frugality.
  • Gettting my tax return. Phew. Hoping to get my family tax reconciliation and childcare rebate amount soon. Before we go to Queensland would be good. Crosses fingers.  
  • Going to Queensland to visit sister Betty and uncie Mo and Ruby and Maeve. Will go swimming in the sea and eat prawns for dinner too. May even get to catch up with Sooz. Looking forward to it all immensely
  • Blogging every day. Wonder what I'll have to say, but it creates this sense of space in my blogging. As in I'm not all clogged up with terribly pressing issues I feel I need to write about.
  • Looking forward to visiting some other blogtobersts. 
Not so Hot
  • **The vomit. Obviously. I thought Grace had recovered. She is much better but clearly there's a way to go.
  • I seem have caught Grace's lurgy. Along with half of Melbourne, judging by my customers today.
  • My keyboard is cactus. Often instead of generating letters, it generates keyboard actions in undesired and unplanned ways. Annoying. Hopefully it is just a battery, not a new keyboard, but I suspect some muggins has spilled something on it. Typing is painfully slow and tedious (but committed).
  • The last lot of self raising flour from the co-op is either plain flour/bread flour or I have totally last my ability as a baker. The cakes have been flat and soggy. Strangely G really likes them, better than the proper cakes, which I think would be hot if it wasn't so weird.
  • Money feels tighter than usual due to bottom surgery and paying for trip to Queensland later this month. 
  • I think need to go to the dentist again.
  • Forgot to pay my visa and got a late fee. Hate that.
Meme from Loobylu and meet me at mikes. What's hot (or not) in your world?

I've just added to this list, maybe I'll add some more as I think of them.

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